Tips and Advice on Fishing

So, you want to catch the big fish?  Do you know fishing is more than just throwing the bait in the water?

It’s relaxing, fun-filled and can be a perfect thing to enjoy with family. Just chose your fishing location and start filling your fishing basket.  While catching fish seems like a piece of cake, casting the line and filling the fish basket need profound knowledge and experience. You should know the water area, the type of fish you are going to catch and the right equipment.

Since each fish is unique and comes from different parts of rivers, lakes, and bays, catching them require special tricks and skills. What works one kind of fish perhaps won’t work on another type!

Without further ado, have a look at some tips and tricks to catch the fish with precision and technique.

Choose The Right Equipment

Choose The Right Fishing Equipment

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There are many fishing rods and reels available, however choosing the best spinning reel and the most suitable one is important. Choosing the right fishing rod depends on the kind of fish you want to catch. Look for the rods that offer hard grip or handle to provide firm hold when retrieving or casting a fish. Every rod has its balance and strength. While heavy rods are powerful, longer ones reach farther.

Once you are done choosing the equipment, look for the reel that matches the rod. Also, the reel and the rod should match the weight of the bait and lure. Don’t move your fishing rod much, if you have picked the plastic baits like craws, worms, and Senkos. Artificial or electronic baits may attract some fish, the shiny reflective lures can hamper the fish eyes.

Also, make sure to carry the tackle boxes for keeping things like hooks, lures, extra line and knife.

Find a good fishing Location

Location plays a very curtail role in choosing the fish. If you are fishing at:


Freshwater fishing means you will get the least salinity. You can go at ponds, lakes streams or even rivers to find the fresh water. For this kind of fishing:

  • Use a slip bobber: a slip bobber is nothing but a bobber that features a hollow hole passing through it. With this, you will be able to tie the knot to help you set the depth.
  • Bait: The best baits you can use in freshwater are minnows, wax worms, crayfish, and worms. You can also use frogs, leeches, and other ball type food to attract fish. Artificial baits also work best but don’t jerk much while using them.
  • Wash hands: When fishing in fresh water, wash your hands properly to remove any foul smell from the bait. Failing which, the fish will ward off, and you will end up with no fish in hands.

Fishing in fresh water

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So you want to do ice-fishing? Have a look at the tips to help you:

  • The depth of the hole: fish usually stay at a specific depth in winters making it easy to catch them. Grab the knowledge about the place and catch your favorite fish.
  • Move slowly: fish don’t like to expend much energy during winters, so don’t move the rod and bait too fast. You may end up losing the fish.
  • Keep the hole covered: if you are fishing at the shallow area, use ice-shaving to prevent light reflecting the surface. However, the light attracts small plankton and crappies, which mean you, can catch them with ease.

Lake Fishing

Lake fishing is quite tempting and is filled with tranquility. If you have plans to spend your relaxing day catching fish at the lake, have a look at some of the tips you should know:

  • Look for inlets and outlets: Fish also like living at specific temperatures. So, look for the places that are cooler as compared to another area of. The place where water enters and drain out of the lake are usually more relaxed, cooler and loved by the fish. Baitfish there and catch the one.
  • Search sunken structures: When fishing at the lake, look for the places like branches, downed trees and other habitats for fish to catch them.

Know the fish

Whether you want a large mouth fish or you are looking for a stripped one, or you have plans to catch the small mouth fish, catching them require specific knowledge and skill set. Every species is different, while some get quickly caught in the bait, some need special techniques. Fishes like crap, bluegills, Muskie, Lake Trout and many other have diverse needs of bait, fishing rod, and many other things.

Use hook with long shank for small fish

Fish like perch, scup, and sunfish have short-biting and thus use small mouth to grab the bait. They easily tear the bait from the dangled hook and move. However, to trap them in the bait, use long hooks that have a long shank and a small gap.

Also, make sure to tie the lure with the thread on the hook so that the fish will not steal it. You can use this method for catching night crawlers, squid strips and sea worms.

Know The Law

It’s important to know the rule of the country where you are heading for fishing as some countries restrict on some specific size and quality of the fish. Some states even demand of having a fishing license to catch the fish. To make sure you meet all necessary laws and conditions, do contact a fishery department before heading to the place.

Stay Awake And Prepared

Safety is the paramount thing to be considered when fishing. Some of the common yet important things to know are:

  • Do a weather-check. Be aware of the tidal situation and swell conditions.
  • Dress-properly; wear light clothes and boots. Try layers when you are not aware of the weather. If you have long hairs, tie them back.
  • If you are doing ice-fishing or rock-fishing, never go alone.
  • Ask fishing experts if you are fishing to a new place.
  • Bring outdoor safety supplies like sunscreen, dry matches, filler knife and bug spray.

Final Thoughts

So now you know all the fishing traits, fill your fish quota of the day and bring your inner chef out to prepare the hot shore dinner!

Best Fishing Reel Cleaning Kit

You have purchased all of your supplies you need for fishing also are ready to move out and catch some fish while resting out at the water. You get up first, begin the trek to wherever you put that boat into the water including go out over the water. You have a beautiful day of catching fish.

However, it wasn’t regarding this today. You realize the boat back in among the few fish you got, and you establish all our things back in the vehicle. You become home, catch the hand in to secure dinner later tonight, plus then you get your stuff. You pull everything excuse, and you recognize that your reel needs to be clean fishing rods and reels.

Keeping clean your fishing gear

Best Fishing Reel Cleaning Kit

Washing and maintenance is the best way of accepting a long life and excellent setting out of all outdoor gear including equipment, and therefore it is, and maybe even further so with fishing equipment.

Tackle that is practiced solely in freshwater fishing needs fewer resources than saltwater effects, just never the less, following routine maintenance management if it comes to fishing equipment will not only see that last great and perform great but be able to withstand an encounter including that fish of an existence!

Fishing groups are often the first things to show signs of damage and tear, they converted frayed and damaged including use, particularly when your fishing throughout areas that have rough rocks, timber wharves, trees moreover gritty dust.

About fishing lines

Lines should be renewed every twelve months either more usually depending on the quantity of fishing you do. If the foremost sections of these tracks are frayed, either you have lost a decent amount of the first part of a line of that reel, which can impede efficient equipment, it is probable to top up the bottom among the front preferably of replacing every of the line at the reel.

If you are not in the manner of measurement and re-sharpening the tips on bait either lure hooks while out fishing, you should commence doing so. Excellent hooks mean increased hook-ups!

Sand should be separated from weights by cleaning either rinsing with fresh water, as should other terminal equipment.

Clean Fishing Rods

Cleaning your fishing rods is also essential. Apply soft, clean stuff to wipe off some fish scales stuck to your rod. Wash down with fresh water immediately subsequent fishing in the salt either inland regions where this water is very cloudy and dirty. You can help protect your rods finish by regularly wiping down space with furniture finish.

Runners either line patterns should be monitored to make sure all are not cracked, or inclination and the internal loops should be followed for any possible line cutting notches that could further lose that prize clean fishing rods and reels.

Duck leaning rods upon walls while they are not doing used as this can point to them taking toward a ‘set’ either bend. Either last them vertically in a rod holder or execute them in the cool, dry place.

Fishing reels, for instance, can receive a broken drag operation, and this appears in line getting off the reel in spurts and sources instead of a regular, consistent drag. It’s pretty simple to remove the drag system apart on rotating reels; the drag operation usually consists of a range of metal and condensation material records that can be separated and washed including white qualities to exclude the build-up of lubricant rather grime that is acceptable creating the drag to grasp and spring.

Bestseller Fishing Reel Cleaning Kits

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  • Contains light machine oil
  • Perfect for fine reels, firearms, or any other fine machinery

5 Simple Tips to Start Trout Fishing in 2018

Trout is one of the most popular fishing all over the world because of their magnificent beauty along with wildness, fighting ability, active nature and much more.

If you have selected trout fishing amongst hundreds of other choices then I must admit that you are a generous person.

However, that doesn’t mean that catching the trout is very complicated. If you know the tactics you can also be the next record holder trout fishermen.

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If you are going to start trout fishing for the first time then you should know some techniques first. In this content, I will give you some valuable tips that will help you to be the best trout fishing hobbits among your friend.

About The Trout Fish

5 Simple Tips to Start Trout Fishing in 2018

Actually, trout is a common name of several types of freshwater fish species. They are also related to salmon and char species and they are from the same genera. Most of the trout fishes are found in the freshwater lake and the river. Brown trout, lake trout, brown trout are some of the most common types of trout. However, there is another type of trout known as rainbow trout which spend first two or three years of their life before coming back to the freshwater.

Trout prefer cool water and it takes around 2 to 3 years to be mature. The lifespan of the trout varies from one to another. Amazingly, the rainbow trout can live up to 7 years and some species of the trout can live up to several decades. Different type of trout has different colors on their body and it depends also depends on their types.

The flesh to the trout is tasty and the taste varies from one type to another. Trout is also cultivated in fish farms because of their huge popularity. Apart from the human, trout is also an important food source of the wildlife such as brown bears, eagles, and other animals.

5 Simple Tips to Start Trout Fishing

If you are going to trout fishing for the first time then the following tips will give you a much better result.

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1. Understand the Current

The current of the water put a great impact on the fishes. So, if you are able recognize the current of the speed, you will also be able to find the trout easily. The current of the water create deep pools which is a favorite place of the trout. You can found the big trout much in the dawn and dusk.

Choose the Right Line and Reel2. Choose the Right Line and Reel

Trout have sharp eyesight and it will go away if your line is visible. So, I will suggest you to go for the lightest line available out there. Try to choose a rod with soft tip as the trout shake their heads a lot and the soft tip will help to absorb the shakes without lugging the hook.

On the other hand, the heavier lines can get away when the water is moving but the light lines will stay in the same place. Choose the reel and the rod cleverly, so that they go with your line.

3. Choose the Lures Wisely

The lure is an important factor in the time of fishing for trout. The wrong type of lures will disappoint you for sure. However don’t worry, the trout eat a wide range of lures including spoon, spinner, jig, plug, etc.

It will be a better choice if you choose different kind of lures so that you can try another when one does not work. Moreover, you can observe and ask other peoples who has previous experience about trout fishing in that place.

4. Choose the Right Bait

Selecting the right type of bait is also an important function in the time of trout fishing. A lot of people go for the power bait in the time of catching trout. But most of them don’t know that the power bait do not work for native trout. The Night crawler, crayfish, minnows are some of the best choices for catching native trout. If you are catching the farm-raised trout, then you can go for the power bait.

5. Use Flashy Lures and Scented Baits

We have previously mentioned that the trout has very powerful eyesight. The bright color, motion, and flash attract the trout. So, you should flashy and colored lures for impressing the trout. On the other hand, it is believed that the trout has an incredible smell sense. As a result, the scented baits increase the chance of catching more fishes.

Final thought

Trout fishing is fun and challenging at the same time. Following the above tips in the time of catching trout will increase your pleasure much more. Hopefully, the above discussion will help you to become more successful in trout fishing.

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