7 Best Lures for Pike Fishing

Pike fishing is a pretty popular activity in North America and Europe simply because the catch itself. The Northern Pike is a fighter that makes sport fishing challenging and fun at the same time. But it takes real skill and experience for an angler to haul our daring scaly friend in and doing so requires the right lure for the job.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fish tackle, hook or reel you use – if you’re not equipped with the proper bait, the pike can’t be lured it.

We’ve prepared a list of the best fishing lures that have been recommended by expert anglers themselves. With these, you’ll be able to bag pikes of any size and become revered in the fishing community.

1 – Sprog Bucktail Jig

Sprog Bucktail Jig

This Prime Bucktail Jig has been crafted to lure the most cunning and tenacious fish at your mercy due to its blazing color, holographic finish and bulging eyes. It’s made of durable Gamakatsu hooks and unlike other bukctails, this one doesn’t fall straight down, but glides down like an actual fish. The lure comes in 15 different shapes and colors with weight ranging from 1 ounce to 6.5 ounces.

2 – Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog

Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog

The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is mainly top attract pike, bass and musky in freshwater. It has several characteristics that make it pass off as a real frog to its predators. For instance, it has swimming legs that are able to extend during retrieve and retract when static.

At rest, the Lunker frog drops down a bit to the water the way a real frog does, which produces higher hook-up percentages. It also has high-quality features, a weedless design and an extremely soft hollow body construction.

3 – South Bend Kastaway Trophy Spoons

South Bend Kastaway Trophy Spoons

Here is another entry in our list of best fishing lures. It is a three-piece set instead of one that are of different colors. The design is smooth, shiny and valuable. What’s more is that when dropped into the water, the lure mimics the movements of a typical baitfish that easily attracts bass, pan fish, trout and especially pikes.

4 – Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure

Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure

Pikes are rather cunning fish and won’t fall for any lifeless lure just like that. But with something that’s more lifelike as the Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure, it’d be as easy as cakewalk. In fact, these lures are popular due to their combination of excellent swimming action, great casting distance, maneuverability and realistic design.

Believe it or not, these lures were originally meant for trout and small pan fish, but the anglers soon realized that they can catch any fish they like with them, including pikes.

Another amazing feature about the design for this lure is that it can work in non-current situations like reservoirs, lakes and ponds and high-current situations such as creeks, rivers and streams.

5 – Heddon Tiny Crazy Crawler Fishing Lures

Heddon Tiny Crazy Crawler Fishing Lures

Now this little fella is what pike hunters crave for in order to catch some big game. It has two flapper blades that make it look like its crawling on the water surfaces, but it’s really creating a series of splashes that drives other species wild.

It has over five color and shape variations and is beginner-friendly as it is easy to remove from fishing rods. What’s more is that as you continue to improve your pike fishing skills, you will eventually land some big ones as well.

6 – A-SZCXTOP Fishing Lures

A-SZCXTOP Fishing Lures

Each of these 7 lure pieces of differing colors are just what you need to make your pike fishing spree a thrilling experience. With their lifelike bait appearance and behavior, this lure used both for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

The steel ball inside the lure easily controls the barycenter, casts at far distances and creates noise that no bass or other fish can ignore. It is made of durable and high quality ABS construction with 2 sharp treble hooks that make it strong enough to catch some big fish.

The lure has wobbling and rolling action that is enticing to the eyes of its predators along with its external body scales and holographic eyes.

7 – Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

Yakima Baits are one of the most reliable fish lure manufacturers and trusted brands in the world and the Yakima Wordens Spinner lure is proof of that. Even the name ‘Worden’ is interchangeable with fishing all over America. Some of its best features include its astounding spinning action and hackle tail that attracts various sorts of fish.

It is also designed to in-line into the water and stay on top of the surface. However, it will still go down and works its magic to lure your elusive pike friend and Yakima Worden patches up any possible faults that may occur.

All on You

Now that we’ve covered some of the best fishing lures in the market, it all falls on you to pick whichever catches your eye and that of your pike game as well. Basically, we’ve just about covered up any potential flukes that could turn your fishing trip into a catastrophe, so you’re in good hands all the way.

Author Bio: I’m Emma Alex. I have a strong understanding and passion for all things related to fishing. When I am not out wetting a line, I am sharing a range of tips and tricks on Fall For Fishing – to help others to snag their big catch!

5 essential pieces of kit for novice fishermen

If you’re thinking of taking up fishing as a pastime, then you’re about to take your first step into an activity which requires a great deal of skill, finesse and accuracy. Fishing is also a hobby which can bring you a lot of joy if you’ve got the time and patience to learn. As you set out, the various techniques and pieces of equipment out there may cause you some confusion.

Below is our “idiot’s” guide to the some of the essential pieces of kit you will need to invest in if you’re thinking of taking the plunge (forgive the pun) and devoting your idle hours to the pursuit of fishing.

1 – A rod and reel set

Best Fishing Reel Cleaning KitThis is where you need to start. A good rod and reel are essential to helping you build your confidence as you start. Your rod and reel will be your trustiest friend, and you will need to be comfortable with whatever you pick. A rod and reel combo set is the best option for beginners, as it allows you to grasp the basics of fishing and begin to get a handle on your technique.

The other great advantage of rod and reel sets is that they are relatively inexpensive, meaning that if you decide fishing isn’t for you, you’re not going mad with your money.

What to look for in your first reel

  • The ideal reel needs to be about thirty centimeters longer than your height.
  • The rod needs to responsive; it’s essential you can feel the fish bite and are able to pull them out of the water.
  • Spincasting reels are the best option for absolute beginners, as the line can be cast automatically, mounted on top of the fishing rod.
  • Baitcasting reels are manually controlled, and offer greater distance, but they are perhaps more suitable for someone whose technique is more advanced.
  • It needs to have the necessary weight and lifting power that you are able to practice catching different types of fish.

2 – Fishing line

The experts say that a monofilament is your best bet for a beginner. Durability is key for fishing line; they are classified in terms of their breaking strength, which is the weight they will support. Obviously, the breaking strength of the line needs to be matched with the size and weight of the fish you are trying to catch, so you need to bear this in mind when purchasing; if you’re planning on going for bigger fishing then you will need a rod with a greater breaking strength.

3 – Fishing hooks

fishing hooksAgain, as you grow more accustomed to fishing, you will want to practice with different types of hook. It’s important to understand the size classifications of different types of hook; the higher the number, the smaller the hook. Any size classification beginning with a 1 or 2 is best for a beginner, as it’s likely you’ll be starting on smaller fish, and you will want to learn precision catching.

4 – Baits and lures

fishing luresLures and baits are both integral to learning your fish-catching technique. Lures are like decoys which, you guessed it, enable you to “lure” your fish to the bait. Fishing spoons are a popular form of lure, as they mimic the shape and behavior of prey. Meanwhile worms and insects make the most effective form of fishing bait. You will need to match the size of the bait to the size of the fish.

The types of fishing bait you use will most likely depend on what kind of water you are fishing in, and the kind of fish you are looking to catch. Weather and water conditions can of course, have an effect on the feeding patterns of the fish, which in turn will affect the kind of bait you use.

5 – Floats and sinkers

fishing floaters

Floats are used to keep bait close to the surface, allowing you to lure in fish feeding close to the surface. Sinkers provide casting weight, weighing down your bait and line so that you are successfully fishing at the level where fish are likely to be feeding.

Final words

This list of supplies is not exhaustive, but these are arguably the essential pieces of equipment for getting you comfortable with the strategies and techniques of fishing. The most important thing you need as you start out is a willingness to have fun, and the patience that comes with being a novice.

Basstastic offers fishing equipment, clothing and accessories for both beginner and professional anglers and fishermen.

Best Fishing Gifts

Recreational fishing is an enjoyable and favorite hobby, it’s a significant way to get beyond for the day including a friend either two, and if you are successful, you, please come home including a nice meal.

Best Fishing GiftsWe alone know someone this loves to fish, which implies why this play makes for the excellent gift ideas for those love and care around. But how do you want the best gift for those fishing enthusiasts? Well, picking the best gifts for fishermen strength seems like a daunting business, though it does not hold to be so.

This takes an extraordinary amount of self-control, planning, including diligence to be a master at fishing. Support their commitment to rising before morning including a gift that supports them know the job done. From various types of tricks to a waterproof phone case, you will find something hereabouts that is certain to exist on in fish story wickedness.

Whether you are watching for new fishing gadgets for your husband either boyfriend or original gifts for fishermen dads or granddads, we have seen you included.


1. Dry Bag

There’s emptiness worse than taking all your valuables wet. This happens everything the time because let’s decorate it: fishing passes by the water. The fisherman in your time can seal up everything their great stuff in this dry bag, and nevermore worry about it repeatedly.

2. Coffee Machine

The night began out like every different pre-fishing night, rigging up the equipment, establishing the k cup coffee maker, indulgence to the market store, prepping the boat. This will better for fishing, plus you will experience your fishing with coffee.

3. Fishing MultiTool

If you appear to have an incredible-to-please fisherman for that to secure a gift, worry no longer. Cool fishing gear becomes no better than that fishing multi-tool.

This has all of the stories they need to clean including fillet freshly made fish. This is a must-have for either avid fisherman, including you can be sure you would not go back with that.

4. Waterproof iPhone 8 Case

People need access to their phones 24/7, even when they’re out fishing. It’s inconvenient to dig around in the dry bag every time you want to check the weather or see how much you’re missing at the office. This waterproof case lets you fish worry-free, with your iPhone 8 by your side.

5. First-Aid Survival Kit

There are some things bigger than gifts that can protect life. That cool paracord bracelet arrives with everything a fisherman wants to survive an accident and so much more. Moreover, you must anti-itch cream for bug bites for this season.

It includes an antibacterial gel, bandages, signal noise, a fire author, a V-cutter tool amongst others. That fact that it is wearable performs it all the helpful and one of the most significant fishing gifts for a boyfriend either any different individual fisherman in life.

6. Waterproof Speakers

That is one of those best gifts for fishermen who cannot stand the sound of quiet. It increases in water, meaning able to remain underwater for up to an appointment externally any risk of injury.

It also presents their life more comfortable because it has a Bluetooth serial for returning calls remotely. Both are one of the best fishing gift designs to gain each angling session complete.

Regardless of the object, you possess in remembrance; this whole list should something for everyone. Make them understand how much you worry about them and enhance their fishing activity with anyone either more of those gifts for fishermen.