Fishing Lodges and Fishing Vacations in Northern Ontario

Are you planning to take a fishing vacation anytime soon?

Yes you are, Northern Ontario Canada will give you the best treat and experience when it comes to a great fishing adventure.

Why fishing vacations in Northern Ontario?

Fishing Lodges and Fishing Vacations in Northern OntarioLakes in these parts of Canada are known to be resourceful with lots of fish types ranging from jackfish, walleye, lake trout, crappie, and bass. Northern Ontario also has some remote lakes that offer a unique angling experience and can only be accessed by air. Investing in great fishing lodges around this part of the country is a sure way of making your vacation super comfortable and enjoyable. The fishing lodges found here are good at giving you fishing guidance on top of their very luxurious accommodation. These remarkable resorts are available in categories that include; rustic fly-in-only and 5-star luxury resorts to be reached by road. Fly-in-lodges will give you a great fishing expedition as they are accessed by float planes.

However, they are comparatively expensive than those accessed by road. To know more about the best fishing lodges in Northern Ontario, you should check the following spots which you can definitely try out:

Totem Resorts

Choosing Totem resort will give you the most memorable experience like never before. The resort for over 15 years has maintained a five-star rating. This resort is located in the Northwestern Ontario on a lake known as the Woods. Within this luxurious resort, we have got three other major resorts in operation. They include Chalet, Totem and the Yellowbird lodge. The resorts are big enough to accommodate bigger numbers of guests. Totem resort is well equipped with spacious cabins and a large room for dining space. All the cabins have waterfronts and beautiful decks for socializing and gives privacy for anyone in need of it. The resort gives a great variety of packages that include private housekeeping inclusive of all meals. It also provides a fishing package that includes use of the resort’s top-end fishing vessel, guiding services and lunch.

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Campbell’s Cabins

This is a great fly-in resort for fishing. The resort is located at the entrance to Quetico Provincial Park in the Northwestern Ontario. You can fly in using a float plane from Canada or Minnesota. This resort will give you a complete package and everything you might require during your fishing trip. Campbell’s Cabins has got a modern touch designed to accommodate both small and large groups of people. The setting is quite remote to give you the most memorable fishing expedition experience. Campbell’s cabins resort has two lodges on the island. One is located in a beautiful hidden area just a mile away from the camp towards the east. The other one happens to be directly few meters from the docks of the resort. While fishing at the resort, you will be able to catch walleye, crappies, and northern pike among others. Other services provided at the Campbell’s Cabins include canoeists, flights for the travelers coming in and accommodation.

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Chaudière Lodge

This relatively small resort located in very beautiful environs of a river known as French. The river has a great shoreline made of exposed granite apart from its clear waters and wildlife. You can easily reach the lodge from Toronto and picked by a boat to the marina. Chaudière lodge offers accommodation facilities in their gorgeous cabins designed with a Canadian touch. Fishing at the Chaudière lodge will give you a great catch with different fish species. These include the northern pike, bass, and walleye among others. The lodge also happens to be very famous when it comes to muskie fishing.

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Lac Seul Lodge

Lac Seul lodge is located miles away from the shoreline on a lake that is flooded. Therefore you will need a boat to get to Lac Seul lodge. The lodge is primarily known for great catches when it comes to walleyes. Walleyes are found to be in abundant and large in this great fishing area. Fishing within these environs is made possible by the use of houseboats. The floating lodges are fully furnished with everything needed by you who is on-board. This includes water, kitchen, a generator for power and barbecue among others. Every rental facility here is assigned with its own boat for angling. If you love fishing adventure deep in the waters, then the Lac Seul lodge is a perfect choice for you.

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Other Lodges

Other lodges great for a nice fishing vacation for you and your family include the Cat Island Lodge, Crane’s Lochaven, Garden island Lodge and Anderson’s Lodge.


If you want to have a memorable and fun fishing vacation next time you are out, then make Northern Ontario your destination. You will get the best fishing experiences and accommodation facilities in the above lodges without regrets.

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