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Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning Reel Review

Are you looking for a robust and well-designed inshore spinning reel?

Then look no further as the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning Reel is an excellent choice for every angler, whether amateur or seasoned. It has impressive features, and it comes in four different models with different specifications for each one. 

Throughout this article, we will further explore this reel to identify its best and worst attribute.

The Abu Garcia Revo Reel Review

First of all, this product comes in four different models. They are Revo Inshore 30, Revo Inshore 35, Revo Inshore 40, and finally, the Revo Inshore 60. These models differ in their monofilament capacity, braid capacity, bearings, maximum drag, gear ratio, line retrieve, and finally, their weight.

Stainless Steel Main Shaft

This product is created with durability in mind. Its main shaft is made from stainless steel; it makes the reel very durable as it can withstand many years of usage without needing any repairs or even slowing down. Moreover, stainless steel makes the reel more powerful and capable of withstanding and catching larger fish.

Machined Aluminum Braid Ready Spool

This feature allows you to use the reel without needing any monofilament backing as it removes all the unnecessary weight. This neglects any chance of having a line slipping as the spool allows you to directly tie the braid to it.

Large EVA Knobs

This model has a large EVA knob mounted on the aluminum handle. It can be mounted on either the left-hand side or the right-hand side, depending on your dominant hand. The aluminum handle provides more power and control if you are catching larger and stronger fish. It will take you some time to get used to the knobs, but once you are used to them, they will handle perfectly.

AMGearing System

This is where technology steps in. AMGearing System stands for Aluminum Machine Gear technology. It grants you high gear tolerance. This means that you will have a very smooth reel with gears capable of competing with larger and strong fish.

Carbon Matrix™ Drag System

This feature is the support system of your reel. It gives you a very smooth and low start while also giving you a high maximum drag capacity for larger fish.

Everlast Bail System

This bail system is designed to be very durable. The bail is light, and you can quickly flip it either manually or by using the handle's crank or the EVA knob.

Slow Oscillation for All Types of Line

The chances of getting a backlash while using this reel are very slim. The slow oscillation feature allows you to cast your line gently but with amazing power without tangling your line. It is suitable for all lines, so no matter what type of line you will use, you will always feel comfortable while using it. You will also be able to cast the line as far as you want while getting a smooth retrieval.

Instant Anti-Reverse

This feature relies on roller bearings instead of the more familiar series of teeth. It functions by preventing the reel from reversing while you are setting the hook.

There are differences between the models of Abu Garcia. They do not only differ in their specifications, but some features are exclusive to specific models. We will now talk about these model-exclusive features.

K-Clutch Anti-Reverse on 30 and 40 Models

This is considered as a minor upgrade to the instant anti-reverse feature. It prevents the shaft from making any counter-clockwise rotations because of wedge actions. Moreover, the torques are applied together at the same time to the shaft to maximize the staying power.

30 and 35 Models Have C6 Carbon Bodies

These two models are smaller and lighter models. They have a body design that is referred to as the IM-C6 or Molded C6. The body design houses a different and unique gearbox that is placed inside solid and light carbon fibers.

40 and 60 Models Utilize All-Aluminum Bodies

These two models are perfect for catching large fish. This is why they have aluminum bodies instead of a carbon one. Aluminum is much heavier than carbon; this allows these two models to withstand the pressure and power that larger fish bring while catching them.

After we finished talking about all of this reel's amazing features, we will now explore each model separately.

The first model is the REVO2INS30. It has a 175/8 monofilament capacity, a 180/10 braid capacity, 7 bearings, a maximum drag of 11 (lbs.), 6:2:1 gear ratio, 35 (in.) line retrieve and weighs 7.7 (oz.).

The second model is the REVO2INS35. It has a 190/10 monofilament capacity, a 190/14 braid capacity, 7 bearings, a maximum drag of 11 (lbs.), 6:2:1 gear ratio, 39 (in.) line retrieve, and weighs 8.1 (oz.).

The third model is the REVO2INS40. It has a 230/10 monofilament capacity, a 250814 braid capacity, 7 bearings, a maximum drag of 17 (lbs.). 6:2:1 gear ratio, 40 (in.) line retrieve and weighs 9.4 (oz.).

The fourth and final model is the REVO2INS60. It has a 205/14 monofilament capacity, 200/20 braid capacity, 7 bearings, a maximum drag of 24 (lbs.), 5:6:1 gear ratio, 35 (in.) line retrieve and weighs 14 (oz.).


  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Slow Oscillation System


  • The Reel Cap Might Come Loose

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is safe to say that this is a great spinning reel. The four different models provide great alternatives for anglers. The smaller models are best suited for catching small to medium fish. The other two models, however, can withstand the power of stronger and larger fish like the mighty Tuna or Sailfish.

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reels

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reels are worked with a full metal body and side plate intended to keep exact rigging arrangement under substantial burdens. Astounding parts, including a stainless steel fundamental shaft, thick aluminum safeguard wire, and an oiled-felt drag framework, give extraordinary unwavering quality in the roughest conditions. The Techno-Balanced rotor and stainless steel metal rollers offer super-smooth recovers. You need control? Persistence? Performance? At that point, Penn Fierce II Spinning Reels are the place it’s at!

  • They are made of full metal body and side plate
  • They have Techno-Balanced rotor
  • Protected stainless steel metal rollers made them more grounded
  • Overwhelming obligation aluminum safeguard wire is a quality
  • Moment Anti-Reverse bearing is smooth
  • Line limit rings are very great
  • Super line Spool
  • Machined and anodized aluminum handle is truly pleasant to hold
  • Delicate touch handle

Presently, we are here to discuss the PENN FIERCE 4000. This model is entirely prevalent among the fishing fans, need to know why? Look at the item depiction beneath.

Prepare for some genuine fishing with the Penn Fierce 4000 Spinning Reel. Developed with a full metal body and side plate, this solid fishing spinning reel is worked to handle overwhelming burdens. This Penn spinning reel includes a delicate grasp that is anything but difficult to hold and machined and anodized aluminum spool. Extra elements of the Penn Fierce 4000 Spinning Reel incorporate a stainless steel principle shaft, 4 stainless steel metal rollers and limitless against turn around. This fishing spinning reel likewise has a techno-adjusted rotor and holds 230 yds of 10-lb monofilament line.


  • Full metal body and side plate
  • Machined and anodized aluminum spool
  • Stainless steel principle shaft
  • 4 stainless steel metal rollers
  • Interminable against turn around
  • Techno-adjusted rotor
  • Machined and anodized aluminum handle with delicate hold
  • Holds 230 yds 10-lb monofilament line


Full Metal Body: This seems, by all accounts, to be a standard crosswise over Penn spinning reels nd incorporates side plates for both toughness and keeping up apparatus arrangements. This makes for a pleasant robust reel that is going to keep up under a substantial load truly well.

Machined and Anodized Aluminum Handle and Spool: Both a smooth touch and a smooth turn are given here, giving you less wear staring you in the face and line. A genuinely essential component, additionally a helpful one.

Limitless Anti-Reverse: While a lot of fishers may not utilize this component, it’s a unique little something that is ideal to have and not require than need and not have. This can help with controlling line payout and abstaining from snapping in certain freshwater and fluking circumstances, which adds to the flexibility of the reel.

4 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings: These give a decent zone of cover spinning up a long existence of the reel. Not excessively few, but rather not needless excess either, the four metal balls in the Penn Fierce Spinning Reel keep things moving without making it overrated.


There’s a considerable measure to suggest the Penn Fierce II Reel. The mix of value and elements in a reasonable priced reel puts it unequivocally in the value for-your-money class for us and a ton of different analysts. It’s a decent durable reel that the vast majority are satisfied with and find will last the trial of time when they get the model that best suits the specific kind of fish they’ll be attempting to pull in. The development is strong, and it fits a few sorts of fishing in view of various reports.


Just a couple cons have thought of this one. One is that it is heavier than some other, more costly reels because of its development. Every so often, clients have had the drag bolt up after a generally brief time of utilization. Others have had a little issue with the center level models or felt that the reel moves somewhat moderate however at times this could be an uncommon damaged unit as opposed to an arraignment of the reel in general.


This is an extraordinary buy for the fisherman that isn’t profited and needs to knock up to a decent quality reel for different events. It’s additionally prescribed for those that are beginning to get into heavier fishing and need a decent spinning reel that can bring them through a couple of various situations as they find their most loved sorts of fishing. No reel is totally flawless, yet for this situation, the fulfillment rate is sufficiently high to exceed the negatives, and with appropriate upkeep it could without much of a stretch be your go-to reel for a considerable length of time to come.