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The Best Fly Tying Vise Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Best Fly Tying Vise

It has been said that fly tying is a kind of a masterpiece and the vise is the best tool to use when it comes to tying flies.

In this wide market; when it comes to choosing the best fly tying vise, it mainly depends on your usage and what will you need this device for and of course, your budget.

All vises work the same so do not worry about the function, the main action is to start tying and stocking up the fly boxes with these artificial lures.

In this article, we will gather up our top picks for the fly tying vise.

Best Fly Tying Vise: Comparison Chart

The 7 Best Fly Tying Vises for 2019

1. Griffin Odyssey Spider – Best Fly Tying Vise for Beginners

Griffin Odyssey Spider

The Griffin Odyssey Spider vise is an amazing beginner fly tying vise with advanced technology that makes it very efficient.

It comes with a 360-degree rotation capability that allows you to spin the fly in the direction that you prefer.

Moreover, the bobbin cradle allows you to make easy adjustments and can be placed wherever you like.

Although it’s not the most durable, it’s still made of parts of good quality that will allow it to last for a long time.

Weighing only 0.95 pounds means that your arms will never get tired with extended periods of fishing and moving the vise around.

It firmly handles any hook size ranging from 4/0 to 28 thanks to the impressive design, while the c-clamp makes it very stable.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can hold different hook sizes very differently
  • The 360-degree full rotation enables users to turn the fly over while it’s still in the jaws


  • The bobbin cradle size is a little too small
  • Jaws are softer than rivals’ on the market
  • Not as durable due to the plastic parts

An entry-level vise with an entry-level price, the Griffin Odyssey Spider is the perfect tool for someone who’s just trying out fly fishing.

2. Peak Fishing ​Vise – Best Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Peak Fishing ​Vise

The Peak Rotary Vise was designed for the maximum efficiency and ease of use.

It’s also extremely durable as its materials include stainless steel, brass, tool steel, and aircraft aluminum.

Moreover, the tool steel jaws are hardened and tempered to securely hold hooks of sizes up to 2/0. This isn’t that big, however, when you compare it to other options available on the market.

But the C-Clamp mount option is a great bonus that makes up for the limited hook sizes. If you reverse the lower rabbeted jaw, you can get a grip range from 2-1/4 inches to 11/16 inches.

On top of that, you get very stable performance thanks to the deep rabbet that engages the rounded table edges.

Your finish is guaranteed to remain undamaged as the jaws ride on precision guide rods and face parallel to prevent rotation against the table.

Furthermore, the Peak Rotary Vise comes with a large and stable pedestal base that holds the vise in place. The surface you set it on will also remain intact as it’s equipped with non-marking feet.

It’s also powder-coated in white to give you the maximum visibility and allow you to easily see the materials you’re working with.

Finally, when you don’t want to use the base, you can easily remove it with the hook/bead pocket with rounded edges.


  • A very strong clamp that holds hooks steadily in place
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The base is white to give you the maximum visibility


  • Capable of working with hooks of sizes limited to 2/0
  • The plastic adjusting knobs are not that durable

The Peak Rotary Vise is one of the best fly tying vises you can get as it’s relatively affordable and combines many useful features. Although it doesn’t accommodate a variety of hook sizes, it’s durable and strong.

3. Atlas Fly Tying Vise – Best Fly Tying Vise Under 200

Atlas Fly Tying Vise

This full-rotary fly tying vise is equipped with material clip, a c-clamp, a pedestal base, and most importantly replaceable jaws.

It comes with 0-1 tool steel jaws and made of a mix of 440-C and 303 stainless steel.

Moreover, it can work with various hook sizes ranging from 7/0 to 32 –numbers which are quite superior compared to the average fly tying vises on the market.

The Atlas Fly Tying Vise also comes with four pre-drilled positions in which you can put an extended finger pin that has a ball end. This facilitates wrapping.

The Atlas Fly Tying Vise easily provides you with smoothness, strength, and precision thanks to its stainless-steel construction, knurled friction knob, cam action lock with Delrin sleeve bearings, and Teflon bushings.

Although you can get it without the c-clamp for a couple of dollars less, it’s recommendable that you do get the c-clamp.

This is because it can attach to any flat surface up to 1-3/4 inches of thickness by adjusting its brass knob. This results in more stable performance.

Finally, the pedestal base has stem holder screws and is quite heavy to provide you with stability and steadiness.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Full in-line rotary
  • Superb durability
  • Has a pedestal base


  • The floss is prone to hang up on the vise jaws
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs
  • Lacks a bobbin cradle

Whether it's dry fly, nymph, streamer or others and whether you're a beginner or an expert, the Atlas Fly Tying Vise will serve you well.

4. Creative Angler Wooden Fly Tying Station With Super AA Vise

Creative Angler Wooden Fly Tying Station

Being a fly tying vise under 100 dollars means that the Super AA Creative Angler Vise isn’t that durable but still a great choice for someone who’s still learning the craft.

The tapered stainless steel jaws can freely by adjusted to your preference while the cast iron clamp allows it to attach very securely to the edge of the table.

It's a full rotary vise which means you get the whole 360-degree rotation to pick the working angle that's most convenient to you.

Moreover, it has a lightweight design which enables you to move it around with no trouble.

Being an 11.5 x 8.5 x 3 inches station gives you plenty of room to work with up to 12 tools and hook sizes up to 2/0 down to 26. It also has a socket that holds the vise securely to allow you to tie with stability.

On top of that, there’s a 9.25 x 7.5 x 1.75 inches drawer that acts as a storage space for your most used materials.


  • Easy to use
  • Has adjustable jaws
  • Comes with a storage drawer
  • Affordable price


  • Not very durable

The Super AA Creative Angler Vise is simply the best one you can get for less than a hundred bucks. It’s an integrated working station that’s stable and flexible.

5. Wolff Industries Apex Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Wolff Industries Apex Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Like the Wold Industries’ Atlas, the Apex is manufactured in the USA and made from stainless steel to make the vise heavy and therefore very stable.

It’s quite compact so it allows you to fly-tie on the go. With a C-clamp and a solid pedestal base, its performance is very stable.

The Apex’s jaws are what really set it apart, however. They’re ideal for working with all hook sizes, whether very small down to 32 ones or as big as 7/0.

On top of that, there’s a long lever that controls the jaw which is quite simple to use and spares you the fatigue that results from continuous clamping and un-clamping.

It’s not exactly a rotary vise. It does have some rotary-like functions, however.

For one, the barrel can rotate in a way that gives you full visibility from any angle.

But unlike a real rotary vise, its hook might move from its position.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Full in-line rotary gives the user full visibility from all angles
  • Strong build with solid steel jaws
  • Can work with a wide range of hook sizes


  • Not quite portable
  • Bolts and screws may loosen up easily

The Wolff Industrial's Apex isn't your traditional rotary vise but does include some of the traditional vises' features.

Working on giving you the best of both worlds, the Apex is the best fly tying vise for the money.

6. Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise

The Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise is great in both terms of the build quality and technology integration.

Whatever you're looking for on a rotary vise, you'll find it here. From the screw adjustment that makes it easy to use to the divisive rotary action and the ability to handle different hook sizes from 28 to 4/0.

The fact that it’s available in two models, one suitable for right-handed people and another for left-handed people, shows how Orvis goes out of its way to satisfy all its customers.

It also leaves you with the freedom to choose to add the C-clamp to your pedestal model or not.

On top of that, the Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise is made of top quality materials to maximize its durability.

The only thing we have on it is the fact that it uses an “O” rubber ring on the jaw. This ring tends to break while changing the hook sizes.


  • Premium-build quality
  • Superb bobbin holder
  •  Compact enough for portability
  • Works with various hook sizes


  • Not suitable for smaller hook sizes
  • A little price

Thanks to its durability, flexibility, and versatility, the Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise can easily be considered the best fly tying vise overall.

7. Super AA Chrome Fly Tying Vise

Super AA Chrome Fly Tying Vise

The Super AA Chrome Fly Tying Vise is the most budget-friendly vise you’ll find on the market.

Although it won’t last a lifetime with you, you’ll be saving a lot and will receive great work from it as long as it lasts.

With adjustable stainless steel jaws, full 360-degree rotation, and a cast iron clamp that allows you to attach it securely to tables, the Super AA Chrome Vise gives you a lot of functionality.


  • Highly affordable
  •  Easy to set and operate
  •  Has adjustable jaws


  • Not very durable

The all-purpose Super AA Chrome fly tying vise is a great tool to add to your arsenal. Although it's not that durable, it gives you amazing functionality.

A Buyer’s Guide for Fly Tying Vises

What types of vises are good for fly tying?

Since a vise is generally a device used to secure objects in place in order for the user to be able to work on them, a fly tying vise should provide the user with enough stability for fly tying.

The type of vise that’ll be most useful to you depends on a couple of factors but mainly the hook size.

How to select a tying vise?

To make sure you get the best overall fly tying vise for yourself, there are a couple of things that you should pay attention to.

1. The Style of the Vise

Non-rotary, rotary, and true rotary are the 3 styles of vises you’ll find on the market.

Non-rotary vises are the most affordable but also the most basic. Rotary ones give you more flexibility but at a higher price tag.

Finally, true rotary vises give you the most flexibility and ability to work with all sorts of fish flies.

2. The Type of Base

Should you choose a pedestal base or a C-clamp one?

If you’re going to frequently move your vise around, the pedestal base would be more practical for you in its sturdiness and versatility.

On the other hand, if you're looking for the most stability and maximum strength, a C-clamp base will attach better and more securely to tabletops.

3. The Sizes of Hooks

This one depends on the kinds of fish you usually aim for. The average range is from 2/0 to 0/7.

Make sure you get stainless steel jaws for the maximum durability and strength of grip.

Moreover, interchangeable jaws beat fixed ones in that they give you a greater ability to work with a wider variety of hook sizes.

4. The Bobbin Cradle

A bobbin cradle allows you to rest your bobbin every now and then.

So if you’re going to be working for extended periods of time, make sure your vise comes with a bobbin cradle.

5. Rotation and Adjustability

Depending on how adjustable you need your vise to be, you can choose between a vise that doesn’t rotate at all or one that has a 360-degree full rotation capability.

Final Thoughts

On the previous list, we’ve gathered the best fly tying vises on the market.

What distinguishes one from the other is the main focus of the vise itself.

If you’re looking for the most affordable, there’s none better than the Super AA Chrome Fly Tying Vise.

The Wolff Industries Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise, Wolff Industries Apex Rotary Fly Tying Vise are indeed the most expensive yet they’re the ones that allow you the widest range of hook sizes.

On the other hand, the Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise and the Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise are the ones that combine between the affordable price and the versatility of functions with 4/0 as a maximum hook size.

If you want an integrated work station, the Creative Angler Wooden Fly Tying Station is your best bet as it will provide you with everything you need at less than 100 dollars.

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

This article will help you pick the best saltwater spinning reel for your beach front, waterfront, and ocean fishing needs.

These reels are adequately serious for coldblooded saltwater and they look stunning also Inshore spinning reels have come far consistently.

Never again are they under energized, over facilitated reels that are obliged to light ocean side fishing.

Nowadays, the spinning reels can manage colossal and viable fish in the surf and also toward the ocean.

There is a wide-ranging measure to examine when scanning for a good fishing reel, yet it ought not to be confused.

We’ve focused all the top brands and pored over perpetual customer reviews to make our custom summary of saltwater spinning reels.

Watch, and we’re certain you will be tastefully taught to get a reel that is picture-perfect for you.

Best Saltwater Reels: Comparison Chart

Fishing Reel

Gear Ratio

Weight (oz)


Accurate SR-30



 Shimano Saragosa 25000



PENN Slammer III 9500



Daiwa Saltiga 6500H



Shimano Thunnus 1200 C14



Okuma Cedros CJ-80S



Penn Spinfisher V



Abu Garcia Revo Inshore 60



The 8 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels 2019

1. Accurate SR-30 - Best Overall Saltwater Spinning Reel

Accurate TwinSpin SR-30 Saltwater Reel

The Accurate SR-30 TwinSpin truly has everything any fisherman could be looking for.

The braking pressure is applied evenly on both sides of the reel spool thanks to the true dual-drag system, which helps in the heavy-duty angling it was designed to endure.

Its spool, rotor, and body are made of solid block and aluminum that is aircraft-grade and encloses a titanium spool shaft and drag plates.

These materials make it very durable and resistant to the corrosion it faces due to saltwater in which it would be used.

When it comes to performance, it is completely fulfilling.

It is provided with 14 aircraft-grade stainless steel bearings that increase its durability.

If you want to change your line type or switch out spools, you can do that with absolutely no hassle thanks to the TwinDrag mechanism that has an angler that adjusts drag setting without you having to remove the spool.

Its 6:1 gear ratio makes it quick in action, and it takes 375 yards of 80lb braid or 550 yards of 30lb mono. Its drag reaches 35 lbs of pressure on big fish like trevally, or tuna.

The only problem with the SR-30 TwinSpin is that it’s not the most affordable spinning reel. But this seems easily justified by the excellent build and performance.

Although the Accurate SR-30 TwinSpin isn’t the cheapest reel on the spinning reels market, it is undeniably one of the best choices you can make overall, as it combines all the features that facilitate fishing.


  • Sleek design
  • Very durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Smooth operation
  • Made in America


  • The reel arm might feel too short
  • Price isn’t the most affordable

2. Shimano Saragosa 25000 SW - An Excellent Saltwater Reel

 Shimano Saragosa 25000 SW Saltwater Spinning Reel

Even though the Saragosa 25000SW is a saltwater reel, it still has the smoothness and comfort of the smaller freshwater reels made by Shimano.

Its body is made of machined aluminum that makes it resistant to corrosion, and its blue highlights give it a fashionable look.

The leg and frame are rigid and strong, while the Paladin Gearing A-RB bearings are secure and operate quietly and smoothly, whether you’re casting or retrieving a heavy-weighing fish.

Regardless of the weight of the fish, the reel cranks smoothly through 360 degrees as it’s provided with an X-Ship bearing system that evenly distributes the bearings on either side of the spool to support it.

The drag strength of the Shimano Saragosa 25000SW ranges between 22 lbs to 44 lbs.

Its gear ratio is 4.4:1 which is not too high or low, and suitable for reeling in big catches. Its line capacity extends to 440 yards of 100 lb test braid and can lay on 44 lbs of drag brake.

The 6 shielded anti-rust ball bearings and the reel weigh around 34.2 ounces, so it’s quite suitable to live up to any challenge you could face in the sea or ocean.

The bail action could be a little troublesome because of the sensitivity and how it can close if you touch or bump it accidentally, but once you get used to it, it will be satisfactory as it can lay out long casts for heavy-duty work.

The price of the 25000SW tends more towards the high prices, but it is quite durable thanks to the quality of its build and the attention that was put into its details, so it’s a good purchase and value for the money.

The Shimano Saragosa 25000SW is quite a suitable choice for someone who’s looking for an affordable yet strongly-performing fishing reel. It’s a good bang for the buck.


  • Seamless operation
  • Premium build quality
  • Can be cast quite far
  • Good customer service


  • Subpar heat dissipation
  • Cranking handle could be jammed
  • When on full setting, the drag isn’t as functional

3. PENN Slammer III 9500 - The Best Saltwater Reel Under 200

Penn Slammer III 9500 Spin Reel for Saltwater Fishing

The PENN Slammer III 9500 is a good choice for someone that’s seeking a reel with low gear and high drag capabilities. Its body is constructed of metal and sealed to IP6 standards.

The rotor and side plates are also full-metal and combined with the body, enable it to withstand heavy-duty.

The ball bearing system consists of 6 stainless steel ball bearings and Penn CNC-cut gears mounted onto the structure.

This ensures that the pressure is evenly divided –no matter the load- to result in the smoothest turning of the reel.

The knurled spool can handle 435 yards of 80 lb braid or 240 yards of 50 lb mono capacity.

The 4.2:1 gear ratio and the slow 40-inch retrieve rate give you the torque needed and make it suitable for heavy fish that fight back.

Dura-Drag discs are also added to the Penn Slammer’s sealed drag system so that the drag can be pumped up to 60 lbs of braking power while keeping the operation smooth.

You can cast the Penn Slammer III 9500 on a 9-foot rod. However, the bail mounts can be a little too light when compared to the bail itself.

On the other hand, Its handle and cranking knob are of excellent quality.

The Penn Slammer III 9500 delivers steady performance with solid durability at around half the price –or less- compared to rivals.

Its relatively shorter gear ratio makes it suitable for bigger fish than quick retrievals of smaller-sized fish.


  • Built to endure heavy-duty
  • Great handle and cranking knob performance
  • Long casts for a big rod
  • The spool is braid-ready


  • Not enough ventilation for the spool
  • The hinge of the bail isn’t the strongest

4. Daiwa Saltiga 6500H - High-End Fishing Reel

Daiwa Saltiga 6500H Spin Reel

The Daiwa Saltiga 6500H’s smoothness and durability are enhanced by the cutting-edge bearing technology it is designed with.

It is provided with 3 Magsealed ball bearings running in races that are filled with magnetized oil which acts as a lubricant and keeps the reel clean.

The reel has 14 bearings in total, including the Magsealed bearings on either side of the Digigear drive gear system.

The Saltiga 6500H can take 440 yards of 80 lb braid with 66 lbs of drag pressure, while it only weighs around 29.5 ounces.

The weight spared is thanks to small details like the Zaion carbon composite rotor, the ABS aluminum spool that has a cut-resistant titanium nitride-coated lip, and the tubular stainless steel bail.

The rotor is also hollowed out to allow airflow through its system, which prevents the build-up of moisture and enables ventilation and hate dissipation.

With a 5.7:1 gear ratio and a 51.6-inch of line per crank, the Saltiga 6500H works at wonderous speeds and makes retrieval very smooth.

This is possible with the help of the friction-reducing sealed bearing line roller.

The reel can be cast pretty far, but the bail must be manually closed, which obviously prevents premature bail closure.

The Saltiga 6500H has a nice look which is accentuated by the one-piece screw-in crank handle with a big knob.

The Daiwa Saltiga 6500H combines the sharp looks with the smooth and strong performance. It’s the best choice you can make if you’re looking for the fastest performance.


  • Lightweight with strong performance
  • Quick retrievals
  • Top-notch corrosion proofing
  • Great balance


  • The bail is manual
  • Not the most affordable

5. Shimano Thunnus 1200 C14 - Great Quality Spinning Reel

Shimano Thunnus CI4 Spinning Reels

The Shimano Thunnus 1200 C14 can take 230 yards of 80 lb Powerpro braid while it weighs around 27.7 ounces, which is a pretty impressive combination.

The reel turns on a 6 A-RB stainless steel ball bearings that are conditioned to fight corrosion and last up to 10 times longer than the average ball bearings on saltwater reels.

The reel operates smoothly, and to add to that, the rotor is computer-balanced. This means that its rotation is virtually vibration-free.

The drag washers are Daratanium III waterproof sealed ones, and the line is released smoothly no matter the setting of the pressure.

The Carbon 14 in the frame and rotor adds strength and firmness of the reel while sparing 7 ounces of weight.

It’s also a baitrunner reel, which means you can use live bait to fish and use the long distance to your advantage.

Its gear ratio is relatively low at 4.4:1 and its maximum drag is a disappointing 25 lbs.

However, its lightweight combined with the Propulsion spool lip make its operation very smooth and effortless and the Varispeed spool turning keeps the line perfectly untangled.

The Thunnus 1200 is different than other reels listed on here because it’s a lightweight Baitrunner reel, which makes it perfect for inshore fishing rather than an open-water one. But still, the features on it make it a –generally- great reel for your rod.


  • Great casting distance
  • High-functioning, repairable clicker
  • Smooth retrieves


  • Sits too close to the rod
  • The handle of the crank seems too short

6. Okuma Cedros CJ-80S - Best Saltwater Jigging Reel

Okuma Cedros Spinning Reel

The Okuma Cedros CJ-80S is quite a suitable reel to mount on lighter rods.

Yes, it does have a 5.7:1 gear ratio, but the large spool diameter gives the CJ-80S a 50-inch line retrieval rate, which is quite quick and suitable for using lures.

The die-cast aluminum frame makes the reel around which it’s built rigid and strong.

The aluminum spool and crank are machined and drilled to spare some weight and help dissipate heat and provide ventilation.

The spool spins around a precisely-cut brass machine gear which is supported by 4 corrosion-resisting stainless steel ball bearings.

The Okuma Cedros CJ-80S is designed to be compact thanks to the narrow profile that resembles a blade.

But the sleekness of design doesn’t stop it from taking 180 yards of 30 lb monofilament and enduring 12 lbs of drag pressure thanks to the multi-disc Japanese oiled felt drag system.

Some fishermen would rather replace the felt with carbon fiber discs, but that oiled felt system is what gives the CJ-80S the smooth drag on all settings from full to the minimum.

With blue and gold highlights, the Okuma Cedros CJ-80S looks quite neat, and the drilled-out oversized cranking knob adds to that look.

It also has good ventilation and heat dissipation features, as well as a quick-set anti-reverse that make its performance great for a relatively low-priced reel for saltwater.

It’s generally a good reel for light-duty jobs.


  • The drilled spool skirt provides ventilation for the drag and rotor
  • Crank handle’s 90-degree angle is suitable for jigging
  • The drag is smooth and lubricated 
  • Accurate line lay-up


  • Heavy at 1.5 lbs
  • The spool isn’t braid-ready
  • Switching the configuration from right to left can be a complex task

7. Penn Spinfisher V 9500 A Saltwater Reel for Heavy Duty

Penn Spinfisher V SSV9500 for Saltwater Fishing

The Penn Spinfisher V is a sealed reel that is suitable for any fishing conditions, be it offshore or inshore.

It takes 490 yards of 80 lb braid and can drag 40 lbs of weight. Its full-metal machined aluminum reel has 5 shielded steel ball bearings, an instant anti-reverse, and a spool that is braid-ready and needs no backing line.

It has a heavy build which is quite noticeable from the oversize bail wire to the one-piece crank handle.

The 4.2:1 gear ratio with the strong build make it suitable for fish that resist your pulls like sharks and groupers.

It could be a bit heavy and might take some effort to balance with the right rod.

But it has a unique system, the Penn HT Slammer Drag, which has a 1 drag washer on the top of the spool and 2 on the bottom for optimizing the power and smoothness of the reel’s operation.

For its low price, the Penn Spinfisher V has great details.

The ergonomic cranking knob, the friction trip ramp that prevents accidental bail trip when you go for long casts and heavyweights, the ambidextrous crank mounts, and the line capacity markings on the spool all work together to result in a great reel.

It looks good with a black and gold color scheme and operates well for a price that should be suitable for someone who’s looking to spare some money or buy more than one reel.


  • Built for heavy duty
  • The spool is braid-ready
  • Attention to details
  • Affordable for a 6-bearing reel


  • Lacks heat dissipation features
  • Can be noisy when cranking under load
  • Not the best quality control

8. Abu Garcia Revo Inshore 60 - A Lightweight Reel for Saltwater Fishing

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore 60

The Abu Garcia Revo Inshore 60 is a very lightweight reel, coming at 14 ounces, which is perfect for inshore fishing and smaller fish.

It has a solid 5.6:1 gear ratio that can take 200 yards of lb braid or 205 yards of 14 lb mono, which is very satisfactory.

Although it can be considered more of a light-duty reel, it has many features found on bigger offshore reels.

Its body is made of an aluminum alloy, and its rotor is made of machined aluminum. It has 6 sealed stainless reel bearings and a computer-optimized gear to operate the stainless steel main shaft.

The front drag system is quite heavily-built for a reel of this size and it features carbon discs.

The Revo Inshore 60’s spool is braid-ready, and its slow oscillation system can smoothly handle any type of line on the spool.

The line unwinds from the spool quite smoothly, which makes small lures go the distance when a 7-foot medium-action rod is used to cast.

The spool lip was designed in a way that reduces friction, and the Rocker line management system exclusive to Abu Garcia works as well as it is advertised.

It feels natural to the hand, and the crank handle and soft EVA knob help you get that catch easily.

The Inshore 60 has a corrosion-resistant build and looks great. It can be used for inshore saltwater or heavy freshwater fishing.​​​​


  • Works great with light baits
  • Strong build
  • Big drags for a smaller-sized reel
  • Its spool is braid-ready


  • Can be prone to sand entering its small openings
  • The wire of the bail is too light

How to Choose a Saltwater Reel:

Quality Components:

Saltwater will be troublesome for your apparatus, so it’s only typical that you ought to manage your bars and reels. Heavenly, disintegration safe parts is the essential defend against the testing saltwater environment.

Hunt down materials like carbon, magnesium, titanium, and stainless steel in your saltwater spinning reels.

Strong and Smooth Drag:

Spinning reels are definitely not hard to point with, however their quality and drive in doing combating fish is not in an indistinguishable gathering from a tossing reel.

A not too bad saltwater reel will have a strong, yet smooth drag system to help you fight the fish.

Hunt down carbon fiber washer stacks that make drags with simple engagement.

Believe me; this will end up being valuable when the immense fish goes on a continue running at the watercraft.

Spool Type:

Braided line is a trademark fit for saltwater fishing, so look for those spinning reels with spools extraordinarily planned to handle work.

They have machined grooves that are expected for bend to get a handle on onto the spool with no slippage.

Various saltwater anglers utilize intertwine as a rule line and a fabulous fluorocarbon line for a pioneer.

Line Capacity:

You need to pick deliberately with respect as far as possible. The more noteworthy the fish, the more line utmost you could require.

A more prominent reel will generally have a higher line restrain, however not by and large, so keep an eye out for the curved line size and point of confinement assessments.

Which Is The Best Saltwater Fishing Reel Overall?

Bottom line, choosing a saltwater reel depends on your technique of fishing.

If you’re more into inshore fishing, then the Shimano Thunnus 1200 C14 or the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore 60 should be your choice.

If you’re looking for a reel that endures and can be used for tough fishing, then you should go for the PENN Slammer III 9500.

And if you can put the money, the Accurate SR-30 TwinSpin seems to fit all the descriptions.

Best Ultralight Spinning Reels 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Ultralight Reels

​A spinning reel's weight has a lot to do with its performance and stability. Depending on how you're intending to use your reel, you might need it to be lighter or heavier.

In this article, we'll list some of the best ultralight spinning reels that you can find on the market, reviewing their build quality, drag quality, line capacity, gear ratio, and overall performance.

Best Ultralight Reels: Comparison Chart

The 7 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels 2019

1. Pflueger PRESSP30X - Best Value Lightweight Spinning Reel

Pflueger President PRESSP30X

The Pflueger President PRESSP30X has 10 bearings, 9 are ball bearings and one of is a roller bearing.

This bearing system makes its retrieve and performance smooth while the fact that they’re made of stainless steel makes the reel resist corrosion and rust.

The rotor and the body of the steel are made of graphite which makes them very lightweight without sacrificing the durability.

The solid aluminum spool is both ported and braid ready. You can easily tie your braid directly to the spool thanks to a series of vertical rubber grommets that can spare you the need of having mono backing.

The Pflueger President PRESSP30X’s maximum drag is about 9 pounds which is satisfactory for its weighs of 8.3 ounces.

It has a 5.2:1 gear ratio that makes it easy to fight against and catch bigger and heavier fish. It also retrieves 27.4 inches of line per crank, which can also be an advantage to you if you’re battling against stubborn fish.

Furthermore, the Pflueger President PRESSP30X has a SureClick bail that is made of heavy-duty aluminum which makes it stable and durable.

When the bail is open and ready to cast, it produces an audible click to let you know.

You’ll get a consistent drag pressure and corrosion-resistance thanks to the stainless steel oil-felt drag.

The ergonomic design of the soft touch knob makes it easy to have a good grip on it, while the aircraft grade aluminum handle elongates the durability of the reel.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a light, affordable reel that will be a good bang for your buck, the Pflueger President is the one for you.

You may be limited to freshwater fishing as it would require a lot of maintenance if you want to use it saltwater conditions, but still may not be durable in that case.


  • Affordable
  • 10 ball bearing system
  • Lightweight and portability
  • Left and right hand retrieve


  • Has a cheapish look and feel
  • Drag could face some issues
  • Not sealed so it may be unsuitable for saltwater

2. Shimano Sedona FI 1000 - An Excellent Ultralight Spinning Reel

Shimano Sedona 1000 FI Light Reel

The Shimano Sedona FI 1000 delivers superb performance at an affordable price because its Hagane gears’ design is upgraded and cold forged.

The flagship Hagane gearing ensures the durability and strength of the reel as well as makes it smooth enough to be used for either inshore or offshore fishing.

Its gear ratio is 5.0:1 while its maximum drag is a quite disappointing 7 lbs. It retrieves 26 inches of line per crank and it's amazingly light at just 7.6 oz.

Without compromising on the body’s compactness, the line capacity is increased by the double-anodized, machine-cut spools.

Moreover, the casting distance is maximized while backlashes and wind-knot formation are prevented thanks to the propulsion line management system and improved spool lip design.

Furthermore, G-Free body technology brings the reel’s center of gravity closer to the rod to reduce the fatigue with the center being close to the angler’s hand position.

Finally, the oval oscillation gear keeps the spool speed uniform and consequently keeps the line lay even. This facilitates having control over the reel instead of the line lay being hoarded at the ends of the spool.

Bottom Line:

The Shimano Sedona FI 1000 is a great spinning reel that suits battles with big fish. However, its drag capacity isn’t the largest, so it might limit your catches.

Generally, it’s strong and performs smoothly all while being affordable.


  • Smooth casting and operation
  • Durability and reliability
  • Solid drag system


  • Small drag capacity

3. KastKing Sharky III - A Great Carbon Fiber Ultralight Reel

KastKing Sharky III

The KastKing Sharky III spinning reel looks great and is built with premium parts to be durable and powerful.

You can use it to fish in freshwater or saltwater.

Because its body and rotor are made of reinforced graphite it’s quite lightweight and weighs only 6.9 ounces, but all the same, it’s still strong and will withstand tough battles.

Its maximum drag power is about 33 pounds which is quite huge in comparison to its weight.

This is thanks to the reliable triple disc carbon fiber drag, oversized stainless steel main shaft, and the stronger precision mesh manganese brass pinion gears that add fishing muscle to the reel.

It has a unique protection water-resistant design for all its parts: the spool, body, and rotor. This ensures that the water and dirt stay out of its system.

So you don’t have to worry if your reel accidentally falls into the water.

Furthermore, its operation is very quiet and its retrieve is as smooth as silk. The Fin Braid Ready aluminum spool spares you the need to use the backing line when you’re spooling on braid fishing line.

The line capacity enables you to go for bigger sized fish with a stronger fight.
Its features are numerable including 10 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing that are saltwater rated with shielded stainless steel.

It also has an instant lock anti-reverse, stainless steel hardware, aluminum handle, and more line capacity than counterparts of the same price. 

Bottom Line:

The KastKing Sharky III is simply one of the best, most affordable reels out there. Its features integrate together to produce an amazing reel in the end.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Smooth operation
  • Interchangeable hand retrieve


  • None

4. Shimano Stradic CI4+ - Best Quality Light Reel

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FB

The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000 FB comes with significant improvements. With 5 grams less on it, it almost feels like it’s not there.

Its operation is very smooth which further extends the ease of use. Its G-Free Body has an oscillating system and worm drive that are brought closer to the stem of the reel. This makes the center of gravity lower and makes it lighter to hold and handle.

Its gear ratio is 5.0:1, its drag power is 6.6 pounds, and it has 6+1 bearings.

The Magnumlite rotor adds to the lightness of the reel. The bail trip mechanism being moved to the opposite side of the line roller spares you from needing a heavy bail hold support.

This makes both sides of the rotor 22% lighter while the balance and rotation are improved with 22% less inertia.

Coreprotect is an addition that acts as a protective water-repellent coating on the roller clutch and the line roller to stop any water from going into key areas.

Finally, the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000 FB’s Hagane gears are smoother, stronger, and more durable than those of rivals of the same price range. This makes it superior in terms of gear transition and pulling power.

Bottom Line:

The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000 FB is a pretty great reel to use while you’re fishing in either freshwater or saltwater. It might need a bit of control and manual handling, but its smooth operation makes it one of the best reels you can get.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth operation
  • Very water-resistant
  • Rapid fire drag


  • Relatively pricey
  • The anti-reverse switch is rather small

5. Abu Garcia Revo X - A Great Quality Reel

Abu Garcia Revo X

The Abu Garcia Revo X will give you great performance and reliability. It has a forward-thinking design, top-notch performance, and ensure durability.

The compact Insert Molded C6 (IM-C6) carbon body design makes it light and comfortable.
The Abu Garcia Revo X’s gear ratio is 6.2:1, its retrieve rate is 30 inches, while it’s lightweight at only 7.50 ounces.

Its casting efficiency is maximized by the Rocket Line management system that gives you space to fish mono, braid, and even difficult to manage fluorocarbon.

It also has a rocket spool lip design that minimizes backlashes and wind-knot formations.

The instant anti-reverse feature stops the rotor from moving backward and thereby guaranteeing solid hooksets.

It has 6 stainless steel HPCR bearings and one roller bearing which isn’t the most numerous, but they’re durable and give it the smoothness, durability, and stability you’d be looking for.

Its Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system enables it to catch medium-sized fish with a maximum drag weight of 10 lbs.

The graphite rotor helps keep its weight light and the large PVC knobs are easy to handle and durable.

The main shaft and the components of the reel are all made of stainless steel for added sustainability.

You can position the reel handle on either the right or left side to accommodate your needs.

Bottom Line:

The Abu Garcia Revo X is a great reel that combines durability and strength with the affordability of price and lightness.

You can use it in either freshwater or saltwater conditions as it’s quite durable and is able to handle both.


  • Durable and resists corrosion
  • Great bang for your buck


  • Not very suitable for use in a saltwater environment

6. Okuma Ceymar C-40  - Best Ultralight Reel for The Money

Okuma Ceymar C-40

The cyclonic flow rotor design on the Okuma Ceymar C-40 allows more air flow through the ported rotor as well as helps reduce the intrusion of water into the reel.

Consequently, the intrusion of water is reduced, minimizing corrosion and extending the durability of the reel. This is emphasized by the corrosion-resistant graphite body.

The Okuma Ceymar C-40 gives you an accurate gear alignment and the maximum ability to cast.

The precision elliptical gearing system works on reducing the friction, increasing the distance and accuracy as well as ensuring a longer line life.

It also makes the performance very smooth and evens out the drag pressures, making them uniform.

The reel can be used in one direction for solid hook sets thanks to the quick anti-reverse bearing it’s provided with.

In total, the reel has 7BB and 1RB bearings, its gear ratio is 5.0:1, has a maximum drag of approximately 13 pounds, and it weighs about 10 ounces.

Indeed, it’s not the lightest but it still combines a bunch of great features and withstands tough battles.

The endurance of the heavy battles is further enabled by the zinc diecast handle that’s designed to make it through any stress.

It gives you the strength and torque required to catch any fish whenever you need it.

Bottom Line:

For a reel under 50 dollars, the Okuma Ceymar C-40 is a pretty great value for the money. It’s great for freshwater use and can be used in saltwater if you rinse it well after. It’s durable and performs smoothly


  • Durable and resists corrosion
  • Great bang for your buck


  • Not very suitable for use in a saltwater environment

7. Daiwa D-Spin - A Light Reel for Beginners

Daiwa D-Spin Ultralight Spinning Reel

The Daiwa D-Spin Ultralight is the one of the lightest spinning reel available on the market as it features a new composite housing and weighs only 5.9 ounces.

It comes at a very low price but without compromising the good performance, speed, and durability.

The main concern while designing it was keeping it light, so it’s more suitable for catching smaller fish.

Its maximum drag capacity is about 4.4 pounds, while the line capacity is 190 yards of 2-pound line.

Moreover, it works well with both right-handed and left-handed people.

Its Digigear has a gear ratio of 4.9:1, which makes the line retrieval a bit slower in comparison to other rivals, but also makes it more powerful.

It might be worth mentioning that after you cast, the bail has to be manually closed. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to start cranking.

The composite materials that are used to construct the reel make it sturdy while the single ball bearing smoothens the line retrieval process.

If you’re a beginner or take fishing as a leisure activity, the Daiwa D-Spin is a great, affordable choice for you.

Bottom Line:

The Daiwa D-Spin really offers outstanding value for a reel that comes at less than 25 dollars. Somehow, it manages to avoid many of the issues that cheaper reels face.


  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable price
  • Smooth operation
  • Durability


  • Drag can be weak sometimes
  • Handle knob isn’t the strongest

How to Choose an Ultralight Reel:

Of course, when you’re shopping for an ultralight spinning reel, the number one feature you would be looking for is the weight of the reel.

Seems easy, but the problem is that some lightweight spinning reels compromise some of the quality and features in order to be lighter.

So even though the minimum weight is important, the maintenance of quality plays a great role too.

Freshwater Reel vs Saltwater Reel

The first thing you need to keep in mind is whether you will use your reel in freshwater or saltwater.

Saltwater has a corroding effect on reels, so if you’re going to fish in saltwater, you should get a seal that is resistant to corrosion and completely sealed.

Some things you should look for are shielded stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and forged aluminum materials.

On the other hand, if you’re going to fish in fresh water, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Materials Used

It’s very important that you check out the materials used in the construction of your reel as they greatly affect durability and weight.

The majority of reels you’ll find will either have graphite or an aluminum body. Each one of these has an advantage over and a disadvantage in the face of the other.

Aluminum is generally stronger and has less flex so it can handle more torque produced by bigger fish.

Graphite, on the other hand, is much lighter, so you wouldn’t have to battle with arm fatigue during longer fishing trips.

They have a tendency to achieve the 8 ounces or less mark.

A graphite reel would serve the lightweight-seeking angler better, but if you’re planning on fishing hard or big fish, you might want to look for a lightweight aluminum reel.

Drag System

You get a spool drag system or a frame-based drag system.

The spool-based one is easier to keep an eye on and adjust when you’re fighting a fish. While the frame-based one gives you more strength.

Reel Size

The size of the reel is what determines how much line you can put on your spool. Generally, a 2500 or equivalent is a pretty good deal.

Gear Ratio

This indicates the number of revolutions the bail rotates around the spool per turn of the handle, thereby how much line is retrieved per crank of the handle.

A 5.0:1 gear ratio will rotate the bail 5 times around the spool for every turn of the handle.

Depending on the techniques and applications you’re using, you’ll choose the reel that fits you best. Usually, each brand will have different ratios covering everything you might need.

Which Is The Best Ultralight Fishing Reel Overall?

It all depends on where and how you’ll be using your reel and what techniques you’ll be using.

If you’re looking for a lightweight reel overall that offers great features, you should go for the Pflueger President.

If your main concern is the lightness of the reel, you should go for the Okuma RTX lightweight.

Finally, if you want the one with the best features and most premium quality, you should go for the Shimano Stella FI.