Braided line and fly line are not rivals, but mates.

In spite of the fact that this blog describes braided fishing lines, lemme talk some about fly fishing line as well.

If you do want to buy fly fishing lines and receive a help in choosing a right line, learn how to choose right fly fishing lines and which one just read through my page and you will able to pick the right fly line.

Here are most important things you have to know if you want to buy fly fishing line:

First what you need to know there are two main shapes (tapers) of fly fishing lines: a double taper and weight forward. The double taper line starts with one diameter, then it expansion diameter at the segment and then backs to the starting. The double taper line is finer than weight forward, so more easer to roll cast as result.

Now about weight forward tapers. The name “weight forward” describes the line technology: this line has more weight at the leading end. This line is not so fine and “refined” as double taper and takes more efforts for roll cast. But here are pluses: weigh forward line is better when you cast at windy weather and also this line can carry more weight.

Okay, now you know the difference between Double Taper and Weight Forward lines. Now you have to decide if you want a sinking or floating line. Few words about each of them:

Floating – more universal, it is easy to cast this line because it stays on the surface, also allow you to use dry fly (bait or temptation for fly fishing, which stays on top, without submersion).

Sinking – not so universal as floating and hard to cast since the line is in the water. These lines are usually using for fishing in deep water. And the main bad feature what usually you have to retrieve the line in full before re-cast .

By the way, colored fishing lines are also very useful. Why? Look, it’s very easy: colored fishing lines are more visible for you, so you will able to follow the line after cast. The line’s construction contains camouflaged lead what connects line and fly, so there is no chance to scare a fish away with line color.

It is good idea to upgrade your reel with braided fishing line. This will allow a big fish (if any ) to run over fly line’s length. I recommend you to attach braided fishing line to each reel with fly fishing line. Also don’t forget to clean your line from dirt to make its life longer! You can use hand-made or more comfortable especial devices for line cleaning.

That’s all you need to know about fly fishing line. I hope this article was useful for you.

Justin Anderson

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