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Best trout lures : 10 top trout fishing baits

Each and every species of trout can see, hear and smell exceptionally well; successful trout fishing using best trout lures depends on the fisherman’s ability to blend seamlessly with the environment and make as little noise as possible. Whether you are using a simple rod and reel or trying your hand at fly-fishing, trout fishing is one of the most pleasurable activities available to humankind and requires very little equipment.

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Trout respond most to good trout lures that closely resemble their normal prey at the time of year and using live bait like night crawlers, water worms or small minnows will work for all species of trout. The woolly bugger is most effective of all trout fishing lures when fly-fishing; it imitates many different trout prey like insect larvae, crayfish and leeches.

Trout fishing lures can be used as subsurface streamers or cast to dead-drift along the water bottom with excellent results. Or step off the beaten path and trade the fly rod and reel for a spinning rod with a bobber two feet from the woolly bugger on the line. When selecting other trout fishing lures look for ones that suggest the size, weight, color and movement of trout prey. Try minnow imitators like spinners and jigs, or versatile flies that are evocative of many prey species.

Avoid shiny spinners on very sunny days; their bright, erratic reflections will repel trout. Spinners work best as trout fishing lures in spring-fed streams when fishing for rainbow trout, while aerodynamic spoon lures weighing no more than ¼ ounce are great for vertical jigging, trolling or cast and retrieval when lake fishing for brown or golden trout. Weighted minnow plugs used with a spinning rod work superbly as casters or trollers when trout fishing in lakes, rivers and deep pools.