Best Spinning Reel 2017 – Fishing Reel Buyer’s Guide

The first thing you should do is examine your needs. There are ultralight reels, light reels, and heavy reels.

If you are looking for best spinning reel reviews then you’ve landed on the right page. Stay and have a read, my friend.

The best fishing reels are the finest choice for most fishing enthusiasts due to the fact that they are easy to use. It does not require much learning on how to use them like it is experienced with bait casters. The reels offer a light line application made from the finest techniques for high performance and easy use. It is important that one chooses the best fishing reel to be able to enjoy the performance capabilities of the fishing device. The only way to distinguish the top spinning reel for the money from the rest will be to first understand the operating mechanisms of the reel and how to enhance its performance saltwater or freshwater condition.

Spinning reels are created with a settled and open stood up to spool that is arranged as per the post. The spool is stationary and rotor turns around it. This sort of reel is sketched out so it can mount underneath the bar and it is held in right hand and with the left hand the reel’s wrench is turned. It is crucial to consider the brand as simply top creators will promise great materials used as a part of the association which set up structure of high robustness. Likewise, consider your money related arrangement and find the best saltwater spinning reels that comes in your monetary arrangement. It will be a guarantee that the ultra-light spinning reel you buy can be used in freshwater and furthermore saltwater conditions.

What is the Best Spinning Reel for 2017?

While I go into more details, I have summarized the price and my own rating in this table below:

Item Image Editors Rating Weight
Penn Battle II Spinning Reel  Penn Battle II Spinning Reel 4.9/5 2.2 pounds
Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel  Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel 4.9/5 6/8/10 pounds
Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel  Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel 4.8/5 1 pound
Penn Clash Spinning Reel  Penn Clash Spinning Reel 4.7/5 0.6375 pound
Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel  Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel 4.7/5 0.8 pound
KastKing Sharky KastKing Sharky 4.7/5 1 pound
Shimano Sienna Front Drag Shimano Sienna Front Drag 4.7/5 1 pound
Pflueger President Spinning Reel Pflueger President Spinning Reel 4.7/5 1 pound
Piscifun Spinning reel Carbon fiber Drag Piscifun Spinning reel Carbon fiber Drag 4.7/5 1 pound
Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Reel Daiwa Mini System Minispin 4.6/5 1.4 pounds
best spinning reelThere are some amazing cheap options on the market, and you’re going to be able to choose ideal budget spinning reels for sale that is absolutely perfect for you, and make it yours, today.

For you, among the top spinning reels out in the market, we have found out the top ten spinning reels for sale and these are really the greatest ones. Let’s see what these can do!

10 spinning reel reviews for the year 2017


PENN BATTLE IISmooth dragging framework, exceptionally sturdy outline, and profoundly appealing beautifiers are a portion of the numerous reasons why this Penn fishing reel is an incredible decision. There is no requirement for you to do backing through the SuperlineSpoolTM that gives it an elastic to abstain from slipping of super lines. At a very affordable price, you get the best esteem out of your cash. This fishing reel is named as the value for the money due to its astonishing elements for such cheap cost. Purchasers in Amazon adore this item and it surely should be in the main 3 best results of Penn.

On the off chance that you are a major enthusiast of fishing particularly inshore fishing then you are likely acquainted with the Penn fishing reels. Penn has throughout the years built up an extensive variety of fishingreels however the Penn Battle line of reels could without much of a stretch be most prevalent with fishers. These reels have been uncommonly intended for fishing anything from trout to Barracudas. They arrive in an assortment of sizes from the little 1000 to the greater 8000 with the Penn Battle 2 5000 and 6000 having been discharged as of late.

The Battle II Reels are accessible at an exceptionally moderate cost without quality being traded off. They are strong with delicate touch handles that make taking care of the reels simple and agreeable. Different elements which were incorporated into the 3000 and 4000 reels incorporate a smooth drag and the counter turn around highlight.


  • Strong and well constructed gear
  • Affordable but high quality reel
  • Additional washers included

  • Not sufficient details provided with the packaging

Abu Garcia Revo SX Review

Abu Garcia Revo SXThe Revo Sx fishing reel looks strikingly like the Pflueger Supreme XT. The greatest distinction is materials and weight. The Revo SX has an aluminum equip set in addition to carbon embed formed casing, sideplate, and handle contrasted with the magnesium Supreme XT.

So is the Revo SX still a decent fishing reel? Completely it is, and I have two of them myself. I obtained my SX’s for drop shot fishing and lightweight insecure head fishing. They have the notoriety of having ultra-smooth Carbon Matrix drag frameworks, and following a year of fishing with them I can affirm that reality.

We prescribe the Revo SX fishing reels for all artfulness applications from wacky apparatuses and flukes to drop shots and precarious heads. It accompanies an interlace prepared spool, which I tend to load with 20lb Sufix 832 Advanced Braid. When I utilize a pioneer it handles 10-20 feet of Seaguar InvizX easily.


  • User-friendly
  •  Efficient design
  • Ultra light Weight

  • None


PENN CLASHThe Penn Clash might be the best saltwater spinning reel for the cash at this moment. It is worked with quality segments all around and angles as smooth as you would ever need. Penn utilizes machined parts with fixed course to accomplish an outstandingly tried and true spinning reel plan. The fixed body and bearing keep the sand and coarseness found in the saltwater environment out of the mechanical segments. There are vast screws on the casing that make ordinary support simple to perform yourself.

The Penn Clash has 8 metal balls in addition to 1 roller bearing for solid and smooth reeling. You ought to discover the HT-100 drag framework to amazing, because of the scratched and fixed carbon washer stack. The body is 100% metal, with an aluminum safeguard, so you shouldn’t feel any flex or torsion when battling huge fish. You’ll be unable to locate a superior inshore, surf, and saltwater spinning reel than the Penn Clash.


  • Various range of models
  • Best gear systems that rival upper echelon reels
  • Sealed Drag system
  • Outstanding oversized grip knob on handle

  • Normal casting capacity
  • Poor Bearing placement

Pfluger Supreme XT Review

PFLUEGER SUPREME XTThe Pflueger Supreme XT is the uncommon elite fishing reel that doesn’t cost a fortune. The Supreme XT is built of amazing materials. The body, rotor, and side plate are all magnesium, keeping the reel quill light and adjusted in your grasp. The handle is framed from solid and light carbon fiber composite. Proceeding with the lightweight pattern, Pflueger put the ever popluar EVA froth handles on the reel.

Pflueger is claimed by Pure Fishing, who additionally possesses Abu Garcia, and you may see a considerable measure of similitudes to the Revo SX and Revo STX fishing reels. It appears to be however, in light of all the online audits I’ve perused, that the quality is on a par with or superior to the Revo arrangement reels.

So it has all these sweet segments, how can it angle? The Supreme XT fishing reel gets almost all inclusive high appraisals from fishers who get it. The vibe is eminent, the castability, and the fixed carbon fiber drag stack is smooth like Jagger.


  • Magnesium body
  • Excellent for saltwater use
  • The weight is perfect
  • Very comfortable and easy to use.

  • It’s a slightly pricey

KastKing Sharky Review

KastKing Sharky II Fishing ReelThis one is a spectacular affordable freshwater spinning reel in the market. Kastking Sharky has a lot of features. It is lighter, stronger than the other spinning reels in the market. It is also dunk proof which is quite awesome. It has a strong anti-corrosion graphite body with a carbon fiber skirt.

This one provides 10 +1 smooth ball bearings. It also has brass gears which is 30% stronger than the other ones in the market which is excellent indeed. It has aluminum handle and spool. The spool is sealed with an O-ring system to keep water out of your carbon fiber drag washers for peak performance.

KastKing Sharky has a patented designed waterproofing seal system that repels a 3-minute plunge for continuous fishing. It has up to 41.5LBs / 19KG of smooth, reliable triple disc carbon fiber drag. It has a CNC machined aluminum spool that is 10% lighter and stronger than the others in the market. It also possesses internal grooves for lube retention so the fishing line capacity is more on this one. It has exact fit zero-play handle cogs. A stainless steel main shaft is there for smoother and silent performance.


  • Price is very affordable
  • Very smooth operation
  • Work effectively for every type of fishing

  • None

Shimano Sienna Front Drag

Shimano Sienna Spinning Reel This one is also one of the best budget spinning reel in the market. It has Super stopper II that allows the user to immediately anti reverse without back play for ultra-light applications up to the 4000 size so that the user can perfectly catch large freshwater fish or any other species. It has a spool of aluminum and the frame of this reel is made of graphite.

Shimano Sienna Front Drag also provides rotor and a side plate which are also made of graphite. Because of these the previous users have felt no corrosion on any parts of this reel though they have used it for years. This  reel is smooth and it does not make any noise or vibration while fishing. This reel has s-concept technology which provides s-guard and s-arm cam which are quite awesome. This one has Varispeed Oscillation technology and it works very nicely. It has Ported Handle Shank which helps the reel to work smoothly. It has Dyna-Balance technology so that users can easily handle the fishes they catch while fishing. Power Roller II technology is there in this reel so the users face no difficulties while fishing.

This affordable spinning reel also has p3 technology which is quite good. It is highly recommended for the users who go fishing in salt water. This item weighs a pound approximately so it is lighter than the other ones in the market. Considering the price and the specifications, this one is highly recommended.


  • Robust & strong  body
  • Silky reel
  • Excellent quality overall

  • Design is not very attractive

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Pflueger President Spinning ReelThis one is also a budget fishing reel in the market. It comes with 9 steel ball bearings. Pflueger President also allows instant anti reverse one way clutch bearing which is too good. It does not weigh too much as it has distinctive hole pattern.

The handle knob of this top freshwater  reel is well designed and it also provides a non-slip grip which is fine actually. The reel foot of this reel is lighter and it also has smooth drags which makes fishing more comfortable. This reel functions optimally and it does not cost that much. So it is a plus point to this reel that it affordable and it is also way too comfortable to use. It has machined, ported and double anodized aluminum spool which is too good. It also has Braid ready spool. Titanium co technology is also there in this reel. The previous users of this reel are highly satisfied with this product, so this reel is highly recommended to the users.


  • One of the smoothest reels
  • Pflueger President price is affordable
  • Solid and durable and light weight
  • Excellent for Bass and Panfish fishing

  • Few customers complained that the reel broke after a year

Piscifun Spinning reel Carbon fiber Drag Review

Piscifun Spinning reel Carbon fiber DragThe body of this top fishing reel is made of graphite. The weight of this reel is way too low than the other spinning reels in the market. This one works smoothly and it is way too comfortable to handle. It is a corrosion free machine. According to its previous users, it can be used in salt water and it will not show any corrosion. This spinning reel comes with an interchangeable handle which enhances the comfort.

Piscifun Carbon Fiber Drag reel offers corrosion resistant stainless steel main shaft and components for corrosion free use. This machine is quite easy to use as well as it is comfortable too. The operation of this machine is so easy that the users will not find any difficulties on their first day of using it. Particularly, the admirable part of this spinning reel is the firm junction of the handle which is way too awesome. Precision pinion gear system is there in this spinning reel. This spinning reel also has multi disc drag system which is too good.

It was awarded the leading product in the 24th CHINA FISH award ceremony. This  reel is provided with Hardened 415-C Alloy Drive and Oscillation Gear, so it possesses adequate strength to fight tough fish. It has two pcs precision Stainless Steel B/B on both sides of slider which increases corrosion protection and makes the reel super smooth. The  Spool of this reel allows the braid to be tied directly to the spool without any slip. The stainless steel handle of this reel makes the power transmission more efficient and to support the power, Stainless Steel Bracket is introduced in the reel and it works way too fine. This one is highly recommended best saltwater spinning reel to those users who are afraid of fishing in salt water and also to those users who want long term usability.


  • Ideal reel for the beginner
  • A great reel for the cost.
  • The reel has a very comfortable handle
  • Easy to adjust brake and drag.

  • None

Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Reel

Daiwa Mini System MinispinDaiwa Ultralight spinning reel is going to be the premier choice a user can make in terms of buying a highly functional, super smooth and multi featured ultralight spinning reel. The pole of Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight reel takes less time to assemble and it is way too sturdy. The metal ring of this machine that holds the reel will never get stuck.

This reel comes with a hard case with tackle compartments which are built-in. This reel offers exceptionally smooth ball bearing drive. This machine has a reel with ball bearing drive and it also has multi disc drag technology. It has a 4.5 feet, five piece ultralight rod for 2-6 pound test lines. Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning reel is highly recommended to all those users who are looking for a great value of their money in terms of buying the finest ultralight spinning reel.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Easy to setup
  • Efficient carrying case makes it easy to move with
  • Great price

  • Anti-reverse system some time not work well
  • Bad line memory

How to choose the best fishing reel-features to consider before pick up a reel


Fishing is a very fun activity for most people. One thing that makes you enjoy the experience is having all the right fishing gear. The best value fishing reel is one of the most important fishing equipment. When buying fishing reels, it is very important to know how to go about choosing the best spinning reel brands according to your budget. This is because the slightest mistake can rob you of the joy of fishing. A reel is the device that holds the fishing line. Its main features include: a handle that is used for the purpose of retrieving the fishing line, a brake that is effective for fish that swim in slow pace and a bracket that is used for the purpose of fastening the reel to the fishing rod. Below is a guide on how to choose the ideal fishing reel.

There are important things that are needed to be considered before buying a spinning reel. Finding a reliable spinning reel is not that difficult these days. There are lots of manufacturers of reels which provide strong and reliable spinning reels these days. There are seven most important things you need to consider when finding a spinning reel and those are the price, materials used, ease of use, gear ratio, weight, ball bearings and drag system of the reel.You need a strong, yet smooth drag system is very important for best spinning reel for  bass. For the vast majority, it is undoubtedly cost which is their most vital thought when purchasing a spinning reel. As a rule, they will settle with what their spending plan can manage.

Before you settle on a choice, try to investigate the sticker price of the models that are accessible. You ought to likewise analyze the drag arrangement of the turning reels so as to separate one from the other. In the event that you need one that can turn out to be the finest, ensure that the item accompanies a smooth drag framework. This will likewise be characteristic of how simple it will be for the user to control the fish. So as to adequately separate one choice from the other, you ought to discover an ideal opportunity to assess the specialized details of the considerable number of decisions that you will be faced with. Regardless of the fact that you are a novice, you ought to find out about the specialized particulars and all the more imperatively, how they can influence the execution of the spinning reel. Among other specialized details, a standout amongst the most vital would be the apparatus proportion.

Basically, this is an estimation of the quantity of times that the spool will turn with every single turn of the handle. The principal number will be demonstrative of the quantity of times the safeguard will have upheavals around the spool. The second number, then, will be the quantity of insurgencies that will be made by the handle. As a rule, they are arranged in three gatherings. A moderate reel has an apparatus proportion of 5:1. In the meantime, the apparatus proportion of a normal proportion is 6:1. Finally, for quick reels, the rigging proportion is 7:1 or higher.

Toward the day’s end, in any case, it is vital to remember that there is no all-inclusive proposal concerning which one is the supreme with regards to apparatus proportion. There are singular calculates that will come play, for example, your particular kind of angling. For angling that will require draws, higher proportion is proposed. Then again, for general angling, a slower reel would suffice. The materials used and also the development of the reel will be imperative since they are demonstrative of the general nature of the item. It is vital to pick a reel that is produced using fantastic materials. The materials will likewise affect weight, ease of use, and toughness, in addition to other things. Particularly for the users who are simply beginning to find the superb universe of angling, something that ought to be considered in the examination of the decisions for turning reels would be the means by which they are easy to understand. Clearly, on the off chance that you are a fledgling, you ought to settle with models that will be easy to utilize.

Significance, even without long practice and going through the directions in point of interest, you should have the capacity to utilize it in a snap. When you are out in an angling trip, without a doubt, you would not have any desire to have the weight of conveying substantial burden. With this, you ought to keep your angling gear as lightweight as could be expected under the circumstances. Remember, nonetheless, that weight will affect different components, for example, usability, strength, and solace. As a rule, settle with lightweight turning reels, which implies that taking care of such will be less demanding, regardless of the fact that you will angle for a developed time frame. Ball bearing is another specialized perspective that ought to be thought about when you are hunting down the reel. The higher the quantity of metal ball, the better the turning reel as this implies it can be worked in a way that is smoother. More than simply the quantity of metal balls, you ought to likewise investigate the particular development, particularly the materials from which it is made. Fixed stainless steel is the one that is favored by numerous on the grounds that such is less demanding to control and more solid.

Size of Best Spinning Reel

The first thing you need to consider before selecting spinning reel is the size of the reel you need. This is determined by where you plan on fishing. If it is in rivers or lakes, you will need a small sized  reel. For large water bodies like oceans, you require a bigger reel since the one you use on rivers and lakes would be too small for an ocean. It is therefore very important to consider where you will be fishing. Once this is done, you can look up some of the best fishing reels for the type of water body you plan on fishing in. You can ask people selling the reels at the store to assist you in choosing the perfect reel. Asking some friends who have experience in fishing might also be a great idea. This basically helps you choose the best reel from all the available options.

The size of the reel is also another operating mechanism that an individual should look out for when purchasing reels. Top spinning reels are those that have the correct line for the size of the reel. Lighter fishing lines often require smaller reels as the heavier fishing lines require thicker reels. To get the premier reel that takes this factor into consideration it is good to check the line capacity information that can be found on the spool of the reel to find out the rating. The gear ratio of the  reel can be the determining factor of how big a fish one can reel in. This means that to be able to catch a large fish the reel that is used has to be provided more torque. The speed of the reel is to be determined by the style of fishing one uses or intends to use.


best fishing reelsAnother crucial factor of the greatest fishing reel can be seen from the reel body. The body in most cases will determine whether the reel provides more weight or strength. The choice of the reels to go with whether one that has more weight or strength is a subjective choice that only the individual is able to make. Some of the top reel in terms of strength are those that are made out of aluminum housing. This is stronger compared to graphite reel housing. However, the graphite is lighter than the aluminum type of reels. The graphite reels are ideal used in saltwater fishing episodes while the aluminum is best for fresh water fishing.

The fishing reels have more parts than can be found in the casting reels. The premier reels are those whose parts offer solid construction with no loosely moving parts. Furthermore, when it comes to choosing the quality spinning reel it is one that has fewer parts that make the ideal pick of the fishing reels as it has less chances of breaking down.

Species of Fish

The other thing you need to consider when you decide to buy a fishing reel is the type of fish you intend to catch. For instance, if you are looking for a reel that will work well for majority of the trout species of fish, it might be a great idea to go for the fly fishing rigs. Catfish And Bass on the other hand will be an easier catch if you used the baitcast or spincast reels. The other thing you need to consider when it comes to the species of fish is the size of the fish. For instance, for fishes that weigh about 5 pounds, you will need ultra-light reel and for heavier fishes weighing up to 15 pounds, this type of reels will not work well. You might therefore require heavy duty or medium reels for heavier fishes. It is therefore something you need to consider when selecting the size of the reel.

Choosing the right spool size

Design of top fishing reel

It is also very important to consider the design of the reel before you pick up a reel. Beginners for instance need a reel that does not have a complicated design and the features are easy to use. A reel that has a push button kind of design is a good example of a reel that can benefit a beginner. This is because all they have to do is to push the button and the reel casts the line. For more experienced individuals, you might require a reel that has more advanced features in order for you to sharpen your fishing skills and challenge yourself even more. This is something that can benefit you a lot especially if you engage in fishing a lot of times.


The other thing you need to consider when choosing a fishing reel is the number of bearings it has. This is very important because it determines the durability of the reel. The bearings are meant to absorb the wearing and tearing of the moving parts of the reel. For this reason, you need to go for a  reel that has a good number of bearings. These will go a long way in ensuring the fishing reel you buy can be used for a very long time for fishing. The advantage of choosing a durable reel is the fact that it saves you time and money that you would use to search for a new and better fishing reel once the one you have wears off within no time.

Lay of Line

The lay of the line is something else that plays a major role in how your reel performs. You need to go for a reel in which the line appears to lay flat on the spool. Such a reel is beneficial because it is easy to cast since there is not much resistance when you cast. Apart from the ease of casting, this kind of reel enables you to cast even further than you would with a line that does not lay flat on the spool. It is therefore very important to avoid buying uneven lines since these will rob you of your fishing joy.


Handles are very important to consider when choosing a fishing reel. This is because they determine your comfort during fishing and they also determine the balance you have when retrieving. High quality fishing reels with triggers are designed to have two handles. These are very good for fishing because they make it easier to retrieve since they give you a lot of balance. It is therefore important to look for such reels when you intend to buy a new reel. It is however advisable to test the feel of the handles on your hands so that you can be able to tell whether the reel feels as comfortable as you may want if. This is important because comfort is really dependent on an individual. It is therefore important to test it on your own in order to find what works perfect for you.

There is often a lot that one can learn when it comes to choosing the quality fishing reel for sale. To be able to make this learning experience easy, it is often advisable to learn about the important components of the reels and the various uses of each of the features. Furthermore, it is good to have a basic understanding of the kinds of components to choose according to the fishing style that one intends to use and even if the fishing is to be done in salty or fresh water.

You need a great fishing reel! These reels are incredibly popular for a reason. They are easy to use and are very affordable. So, how are you going to choose your reel?

The first thing you should do is examine your needs. There are ultralight reels, light reels, and heavy reels.

Graphite Vs. Aluminum

It’s also important to consider what the best spinning reel is made of. Common materials are graphite or aluminum. If you want the strongest reel around, you’ll want to go with the aluminum. If you are most concerned about the weight of your reel, you’ll want to go with the graphite.

In most cases, aluminum will give you the longest lasting, most durable reel. However, saltwater fishermen will be much better off going with a graphite material since it is not as prone to corrosion in saltwater.

Other Factors to Consider

If you’re out on the water for a while, the chances are high that you will develop some wrist pain with heavier models. That’s why you should always consider the weight of the reel you are buying.

Part of this has to do with the reel size you select. If you’re going to use a very light line, then you can get away with a fairly small reel. If you plan on using a 10 pound test line, you will need a larger (and most likely heavier) model.

Before you buy, check the capacity listed for the model. This will be the prime indicator of whether the reel will fit your needs, or not.


In conclusion, it is very important to take the time to view the different features of fishing reels. This is because the features are what determines how the fishing reel will work. It might also help to read reviews on different fishing reels in the market. This enables you to know how the fishing reels worked for different people enabling you to make the right decision. Most importantly, you need to buy your fishing reels from a trusted seller. This is important because it ensures you leave with a high quality product.

Some Best Spinning Reel Models to Choose From

These days, there are some absolutely incredible models to choose from. You can also do so from the comfort of your own home.

Some of our favorite brands include; Pflueger, Okuma, Shimano, Gunnison, Daiwa, and Mitchell. When you go with one of these high-quality brands, you can’t go wrong.

Of course, there are some fishing reels that are certainly better than others. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you read our spinning reel reviews, so you can determine which ideal spinning reels for the money you are going to go with today.

What a great feeling that will be when you hear that knock on your door, and it’s the delivery man, ready to handover your spinning reel!