Choose the Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels to Make Your Life Easier

One of the most commonly used reels in fishing are the spinning reels. Being cheaper than baitcasting reels and easier to manoeuvre for efficient use, spinning reels are considered a customer’s choice. Best in versatility, choosing the perfect fishing line for your spinning reels will enhance efficiency.

Why it’s important to choose the correct fishing line?

Pairing just any fishing line with spinning reel might waste a lot of time. You might lose on many good fishes, ending up wasting baits.

Choosing the correct fishing line for spinning reels depends on many factors. The preference depends on whether you are a beginner or a well-trained fishing expert. Also, bear in mind that certain fishing lines might not be able to lure the target every time. You will need to pick the one that suits your style.

Here’s a round-up discussing the three main types of fishing lines and the reason you should choose them. The three types are:

  1. Monofilament Fishing Line
  2. Fluorocarbon fishing Line
  3. Braided Fishing Line

1 – Monofilament Fishing Line

The biggest highlight of Monofilament fishing line is that they are the cheapest. Lower cost is the major perk here. If you prefer for top water fishing, monofilament fishing line is a fair bet for spinning reel. Also, as compared to braided fishing lines, monofilament lines are much more stretchable and lesser strained. Hence while pulling out, even if the fish bites, the hook won’t come out of the fish’s mouth easily.

TIP: Just don’t leave these fishing lines over the reels or out in sun. The monofilament lines are vulnerable to direct sunrays. The rays damage the knots and leave the line in loose loops.

2 – Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

If the fishing line is visible in water it might scare the fishes off the bait. But, fluorocarbon fishing lines are not the same; they are almost invisible in water. If you are more likely to go fishing in clear water, better choose the fluorocarbon lines.

Also, fluoro lines have thicker coating which makes the lines more durable and unbreakable for long. Also the durability in sun is pretty good.

TIP: It would be a good idea to place mono line first on your reel, and then the fluoro line.

3 – Braided Fishing Lines

The toughest fishing line among the three is the braid fishing line. They are extremely resistant to damage or breakage. If you are looking for something that would stretch but not break, you know what to choose. Most fish aren’t able to cut it with teeth, though certain breeds like pike and muskie might be able to. In addition, they are pretty good in water and do not get tangled.

Also, if you are keener on kayak fishing, braid lines should top your list of preferences. The closely packed and tight lines of this fishing line are made of a man-made material like Spectra or Micro-Dyneema which makes the line abrasion resistant. And, being thinner (though stronger) as compared to others, it almost lasts forever.

So, what is the Best Fishing Line?

The perfect fishing line is a subjective term – A wiser choice will lead to better exciting experiences. Choose wisely.

Justin Anderson

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