Best spinning reels under $100 for 2017

Best spinning reels under 100

Looking for professional spinning reel under $100? In this article I will introduce you some of the best spinning reel which will cost you less than hundred dollar.

In the event that you adore taking off on the water for some quality time in fishing, and reaching nature, then you certainly require the right devices for the occupation. Best spinning reels that cost less than a hundred bucks are magnificent decisions when getting little to medium estimated fish, offering both power and speed for a pleasant fishing. Spinning reels are adaptable and simple to utilize. They are anything but difficult to cast and are less costly.

The vast majority of the models accompany reversible handles which is entirely amazing. Essentially, they are ideal for light line and snare presentation. Proficient fishing requires a spinning reel that will offer an administration worth your buck. This, be that as it may, doesn’t mean easygoing fishermen have no decisions to make. In any case, you would prefer not to lose you 200-pound fish back to the water on account of a broken reel.

You need to consider things that are truly vital, before purchasing best spinning reels under $100. Things that you need to consider are, level of solace, material utilized as a part of the creation, line limit of the reel, types of the fishes that can be in the water source, poles lastly, spending plan.

Presently, considering everything, we have thought of 5 best spinning reels that you can purchase under $100. See the depiction of those items and pick the right one for yourself.
Reviews on 5 Top Spinning Reels Under $100


OKUMA TRIO HIGH SPEEDThe Trio High Speed Reel from Okuma is a half and half advancement, with a one of a kind hybrid development that gives you the best of weight funds and quality. This development gloats of a strong aluminum reel stern, rotor arm and lip, and additionally a lightweight graphite spool and side plates. Aside from the mixture body of the Trio High Speed, this spinning reel is likewise known for its consistent Dual Force Drag System with 9 stainless steel metal balls and 1 roller bearing. This framework guarantees mind blowing effectiveness, precision, weight and smoothness while fishing, making your general experience better than all others.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a cross breed spool outline
    It’s Crossover aluminum and graphite half breed body is too great
    Precision Dual Force Drag System (DFD): Incorporates both surfaces of the spool to augment top of the line drag weight, effectiveness and general smoothness
    9 BB + 1 RB stainless steel orientation have made it solid
    Quick-set hostile to invert roller bearing is truly smooth


KASTKING BLADE SPINNINGThe KastKing Blade is a spinning reel with the capacity to handle freshwater and saltwater alike, making your inshore and seaward fishing undertakings energizing. This exceptionally evaluated spinning reel has predominant development and craftsmanship that is committed to enhancing your fishing, and we will take a gander at that in nearer detail.

Firstly, the reel foot of the Blade is completely metal with a manufactured encasement, which thus gives protection to all fishermen in frosty situations so you can angle in solace for more periods. Furthermore, the Blade spinning reel has carbon fiber drag washers with 11 protected stainless steel direction and exactness machined gears. This whole framework works faultlessly together to ensure your fishing is smooth, effective and productive.

Highlighted Features

  • Blade’s ergonomically composed all metal reel foot is clad in an engineered intensify that protects the fisherman in chilly conditions for more throwing solace
    It has a PC adjusted rotor
    10 + 1 protected stainless steel is the confirmation of it being solid
    It’s helped metal body make it intense spinning gear fishing bundle combo to beat alternate items in the business sector


OKUMA TRIO SPINNING REELArriving in a just shy of $100, the women version of the ever prevalent Trio High Speed spinning reel, with a hot pink outside that will instantly get your attention. This Ladies Trio brags of the same hybrid development we discussed above, with a body and rotor planned utilizing aluminum and graphite. The outcome is a crossover spinning reel that is lightweight yet solid, permitting you to angle serenely in all conditions. The Ladies Trio High-Speed reel additionally gloats of an exceptionally quick 6:2:1 apparatus proportion, settling on it the ideal decision for getting quick and subtle fish that are frequently out of the compass of other low speed spinning reels. This reel likewise has a drag framework and 12 stainless steel direction that guarantee that the way toward reeling in your catch will be smooth.

Highlighted Features

  • Hybrid spool outline of it is regular
    Crossover aluminum and graphite cross breed body is an expansion
    Precision Dual Force Drag System (DFD): Incorporates both surfaces of the spool to augment top of the line drag weight, effectiveness and general smoothness
    11 BB + 1 RB stainless-steel orientation makes it harder
    Quick-set hostile to invert roller bearing


OKUMA 25S HELIOSOkuma Fishing Tackle Helios is an especially lightweight and fast fishing wonder, which is made out of cutting edge fishing innovation that is the foundation of the Okuma Helios arrangement. If you considering the retail price under $100 this light and effective spinning reel has been built out of a C-40X long strand carbon fiber outline, and also a metal and aluminum gear framework. What you are presently left with is a spinning reel that is half more grounded than the normal graphite confined reels and 25% lighter. This 6.8 ounce spinning reel has additionally incorporated the long strand carbon fiber innovation in its rotor framework, drag handle, side plates and handle arm.

Moreover, the Precision Elliptical Gear arrangement of the Okuma Helios is produced using aluminum, with 10 consumption safe metal balls that make the apparatuses smooth.

Highlighted Features

  • Light weight C-40X carbon outline
    Multi-plate Carbonite drag framework
    9HPB + 1RB erosion safe stainless steel metal balls
    ALG: Precision AlumiLite amalgam fundamental rigging and swaying gears


OKUMA TRIO STANDARDLike the two previously mentioned Okuma Trio is another option for spinning reels under $100, the Trio Standard elements the same hybrid development stage which enhances quality while minimizing on weight. Aside from this development, this spinning reel houses an aluminum Dual Force Drag framework that advances quality, smoothness and strength, so that you’re fishing knowledge is pleasurable.

Also, the spinning reel has 8 metal balls and 1 roller bearing for speedy and solid fishing.

Highlighted Features

  • Light weight C-40X carbon outline, side plate and rotor
    Multi-plate Carbonite drag framework
    9HPB + 1RB erosion safe stainless steel metal balls
    ALG: Precision AlumiLite amalgam fundamental apparatus and wavering riggings

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